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: Some more interesting stuff ... about us.

11-28-2002, 05:18 AM
Those are pretty impressive numbers Dana/Juro. And if they're from June of this year ..... think of were we're at now. Are the stats below cumulitive from the begining of the board. Or just for the ONE month? Either way, that's a hell of a lot of "hits."

Advertising on the Flyfishing FORUM

Thanks for your interest in advertising on the FORUM. Our campaign for 2002 offers great value through the significant growth period achieved after a great year in 2001. since joining forces with Dana Sturn's Spey Pages and his discussion area, we have experienced significant growth. In the month of June 2002, here are the numbers according to ENSIM Statistics: June 2002:
Total Requests 2097536
Total Page Requests 112347
Distinct Hosts Served 9285

We are bookmarked on the "favorite channel" short list for several thousand unique visitors every week and new members are registering every day. We are currently the FIRST site listed for search engines when the words "flyfishing forum" are typed (lycos, google, yahoo, etc).

Bottom line is we are a great advertising value, and your support helps a good cause - promotion of flyfishing worldwide through camaraderie, knowledge, good times on the water.