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: 6/30 Bayside

07-02-2001, 10:37 AM
Mike and I took the boat out early Saturday and were met with really strong winds and wave action to go with it. The fishing was really tough and I think we saw maybe ten fish all day. We started at about 5am and quit at 2pm.

We had about 5 hits and no hookups. One of my hits was freighttrain like and snapped my 20lb flouro mid tippet. I only had about 20ft of line left in the retrieve and the rod pointing at the fly so the tippet took nearly all the shock. I may have had a wind knot but I don't think so and even if I did I'm thinkin that was a pretty good fish.

07-02-2001, 01:42 PM
Hi Gregg:

I had a similar exprience this weekend. I was with a guide and we were fishing for blues, the fish hit and I went to set the hook and the tipet (20 floro) broke. The blue must have been on a run straight away from me. The guide said that I needed to resist my instinct to set the hook and let the blue set the hook on its own. Not sure if your fish was a blue, but it sounded so familar to what happened to me. What power they have, only if I didn't set it, that fish would have taken me way into my backing. We'll get them next time!