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: Another one bites the dust . . .

11-23-2002, 09:12 AM
This was printed in the local paper yesterday:

"BECKET -- The Selectmen voted on Wednesday to take the old Silk Mill Dam by eminent domain for the purpose of removing the dam.

The project will be funded through grants from a number of organizations as part of a Yokum Brook restoration project, which targets removal of the Ballou and Silk Mill dams along the brook in order to eliminate barriers to Atlantic salmon migration.

Voters authorized the land taking at a special town meeting Tuesday . . . "

EDIT: I tried to post a link to the article but it wouldn't work so I cut and pasted the text. The article is from the Berkshire Eagle.

Here's the press release from the Mass DFW site:

"The Town of Becket received $10,000.00 towards the Breaching or Removal of the Ballou and Silk Mill Dams along Yokum Brook in the Westfield River Watershed. The goal of the project is to eliminate barriers to Atlantic salmon migration and resident trout movement and to restore continuity to the habitats located upstream and between the two dams. This project has been an ongoing partnership that includes the town, local residents, the Taconic Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and the Westfield River Watershed Team, state agencies such as Riverways River Restore Program, the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, the Department of Environmental Management, the Department of Environmental Protection, and the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, and the National Marine Fisheries Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Geological Survey, the National Park Service and the Environmental Protection Agency. These funds will serve as in-kind match for the federal dollars funding this project."

11-23-2002, 10:39 AM
Another door opened, excellent!