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: Bluefin Tuna on a Fly and Marvelous at Monomoy

07-01-2001, 08:37 AM
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Bluefin Tuna on a fly- An optional treat for all New England Fly/Spin anglers! Rich and Jeff landed two 70 pound Tunas off Cape Cod on a fly on the same day this week. ( See Report and Photo's - - Fishing Reports )

Fred LeBrun is a writer from the Albany Times Union newspaper. Below, you may enjoy reading his take (last year) on a day on the flats with me.

Marvelous at Monomoy

When the striper hit my little sand eel imitation about 15 yards out, right at the edge of the channel, it felt like I'd gotten stuck on a log.

( See Photo )

Except there are no logs on the vast and sandy bottoms. Then this particular log decided to head for Nantucket with a burst of energy and speed that caught me off guard. You could hear that surging power of a big fish intent on leaving this planet in the sing-song of the heavy Orvis disc drag reel paying out line. I was into the backing before I could begin to think about turning the fish, and then only a little before he was off and churning again across the channel. It was a long and hard-fought five minutes before the guide, Randy Jones, finally slipped the fly out of its mouth, held it up for a few photos and released this fresh ocean fish covered with sea lice.

( See Photo )

Of the dozen or so fish we caught all day either blind casting into currents and rips as the tide rose around us, or sight fishing for cruisers, we caught only one barely legal fish, and even that one was released. Yet speaking on the ride back to the main land to a half dozen other fly-fishers who waded the expanses of Monomoy that day, nobody was griping about the fact they'd only caught schoolies. The talk instead was about how strong a 28-inch fish caught in the ocean is compared to any freshwater species, and everybody had stories to tell. Smiles all around.