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: RM Bay Anchovy

11-16-2002, 08:36 PM
Hook- Short-shank Varivas 990S, #2........ Thread- Clear Mono...... Underbody- Lead wire wound 6 to 8 turns, and covered by Pearl mylar tinsel..... Belly- Two strands of red krystal flash..... Body- first layer on top of white polar fiber, do not pull the fibers from the bottom, keep thick, then several strand of pearl krystal flash on top, then thin pink polar fiber ,pull tuffs from bottom, thin out, then, Oliver polar fiber, on top and keep the tufts in... This fly calls for artic fox but I did not have long enough fibers for it and it specifically calls for any other fiber which is similar....... Eyes- Medium holograph eyes..... gills-red magic marker... Head- two coats of epoxy. the second after eyes and gills are on...keep the epoxy no further than the middle of the shank: