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: Sea Candy

Dble Haul
11-15-2002, 08:18 PM
This is a magnum Surf Candy.

Hook: 3/0
Thread: Monofilament
Inner flash: Flat gold tinsel wrapped along hook shank
Underwing: Yellow Super Hair
Wing flash: Copper Krystal Flash
Overwing: Red Super Hair
Eyes: Prism
Gill: Red marker

The head is sealed per usual with two separate coats of epoxy. I've placed a regular size 2 Surf Candy (no eyes, gills, or epoxy yet) next to the Sea Candy to show just how big it is. The overall fly length is about 8.5 inches.

Color combos are limitless, but I like this one for gator blues. :devil:

Striblue, this is your meister fly for the current swap. :)

11-16-2002, 03:15 PM
Mark..thanks... looking forward to getting it..great colors and nice head...Looks very potent!