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: First Joizey Flatwing Fling and Mini Clave

11-11-2002, 01:01 PM
Unfortunately I could only make it down on Saturday. I arrived at the first beach around 6:00 having been stuck on the old Tappan Zee for an hour :rolleyes:

It was just getting light but there were lines of rods in sand spikes as far as the eye could see. I read this as good news / bad news:

Good News - lots of anglers = fish
Bad News - they looked like they'd been on an all-nighter - hello sunrise bye-bye fish - well almost ...

The sunrise was glorious and I did spot a couple of sizeable shoals busting bait just out of casting range. Doc arrived and we talked tactics since it looked like just the two of us. We headed up to North Beach which looked very fishy but only spotted one fish working bait. We also checked out the inside but no activity so headed back to the starting point to fish the outgoing. This beach has a really nice configuration - steep enough for good surf and scalloped - great setup for drifting flies just outside the beach break. This is a very relaxing way to fish - especially when the wind is honking off your right shoulder- I was averaging one cast every five minutes - mending line - keeping in touch and just letting the flies swim in the current then allowing the rip to drag the flies back out into the zone. Occaisionally retrieving all the way to check for fouling, weed etc.

I got bitten off by a blue in short order. Loaded up with wire and managed to get the next one onto the sand for a long release. No great size but that is 1 for 4 to blues taking my favorite flies in recent outings.

Even though there are only a few weeks left, I would seriously consider paying for a night fishing permit for Sandy Hook. Most of the bait I saw was peanut bunker but there is larger stuff around.

It seems like the migration hasn't even started down there yet. One of Docs pals who we met later took his last striper of the '01 season on December 29th. Bait guys get 'em all through winter - if you can stand the cold.

Sorry I couldn't make Sunday - it would have been great to apply lessons learned from the previous day!

Thanks Doc for pulling this together. Actually I owe you a Meister Fly - next time we meet!:smokin:

Doc Duprey
11-11-2002, 09:32 PM
And so, the First Joisey Fltawing Fling and Mini-Clave fades into the dim glow of history...

Saturday was well described by Adrian. Let me just add that it was a pleasure and a learning experience to watch him handle the rip at the False Hook with his Spey rod. The performance was so impressive that the fish were awestruck and could not open their mouths, I guess. If they'd been there, they shoulda hit...a masterful performance, Adrian.

Then, he demonstrates the proper way to fish a flatwing in the wash, per Kenny Abrames. Again, thanks for the tutorial. I'm glad that you enjoyed the day, and hope that it really does pan out with a late migration, extending the season into December. The omens certainly look favorable.

Sunday began with my head. The Right Honorable Messers Kenny Abrames and Lyle R. woke me from a sound sleep to the news that they were at the appointed meeting spot. Obviously my messages were unclear as to the meeting time. By the time I arrived (1 hr 115 min. later, coffee in hand) they had filled two huge trash bags with litter from the parking lot. Puts the locals to shame, I think.

I then had the pleasure of a detailed lesson on fishing currents and eddys, which I will not soon forget. Kenny Abrames is an amazing person, and I strongly recommend to all that they spend a Tuesday evening fishing with him. New perspectives, new insights, warmth and fine a fishing companion as one could ask for. Lyle adds his own exhaustive fishing knowledge and fearless spirit of exploration to the mix and the lack of fish became almost a non-issue.

We did meet at noon with several of the New Jersey flatwing fraternity, for an overland jaunt to the tip of Sandy Hook. Mike, Anthony, Chris, Bill and Georges all had the chance to talk, fish and learn from Ken and a few even got into fish.

Mrs. Doc and the Doc-lings joined in and a good time was had by all. We're already planning the Joisey Early-Season Opener for spring, and perhaps a weekend migration to Rhode Island and the Cape. Meanwhile, the fish that you are enjoying in New England gotta move south sometime. Why not consider a trip to Sandy Hook!

Best regards and thanks to all who participated in fact or in spirit,


11-12-2002, 09:27 AM
Doc, great report... wish I could have made it, it just seems that the fall happenings tie me down too much... but it will be something I do at another time. Adrian, hope all is well ,and I look forward to seeing you both at one of the winter shows. We need to get both of you to demonstrate the tying of the flat wing at the FFF booth.

Doc Duprey
11-12-2002, 04:27 PM

Dates permitting, I am flattered and would love to come. Keep me posted.


11-12-2002, 09:34 PM
Looking forward to the shows too - a great antidote for the shack nasties ;)

I hope that our local CT show at Danbury will happen again in January - then there's Marlboro and Joizey and Willmington - not forgetting the Saltwater Edge. The MSBA gathering was a blast last year - I hope we can do that again next season!

But, in the meantime, the fat lady 'aint even boarded the train yet, let alone taken the stage ... the season is about to get started just South of here :D