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: Sunday schoolies in session

Dble Haul
11-11-2002, 09:31 AM
Bert da fish magnet and I hit the CT coast to see if we could drum up some schoolies and shad. The fish didn't disappoint.....upon our arrival in Old Saybrook, we got into fish immediately. It was interesting to see that as the day wore on, the schoolies got bigger. We started with some 12" micros and eventually finished with some robust 24"ers. Mixed in were some hickory shad, one of which was a whopping 22". We measured to make sure, and it was one of the biggest shad that I've ever seen.

Quentin, since we didn't see you I'm assuming that you ran into some good fish.....? Hope so.

11-11-2002, 09:44 AM
Nope. I didn't stick around long enough to meet up with you. I left just before 2:00, just as the action seemed to be picking up. I shouldn't have bothered leaving so early in the morning because I was wiped out by the time the fish started biting! I did manage to get a couple of 3# blues at Pleasure Beach (one landed, one LDR), had a few hits and misses from shad at Hammonasset and Niantic, and caught a few twinkies/schoolies at the Causeway. Next time I'll sleep in so I can stay awake for the evening show!

BTW - I heard reports that on Saturday the entire area from Ocean Beach to Pleasure Beach was loaded with small blues and there were birds over bait as far as the eye could see. Anyone get in on the action?


11-11-2002, 11:14 AM
I launched out of Pine Island on Saturday to fish the Thames and when I got back in the afternoon there were large flocks of birds and fish breaking all over the outside of Pine Island. I made some casts caught one ratty blue and called it quits for the day. But I wouldn't be surprised if they ranged all the way down to Ocean Beach and beyond, I could see them for as far as the eye could see off of Pine Island. It was very rough though and any thoughts of getting to the back side of Fishers were quickly dismissed after launching. Caught a bunch of small fish way up in the river by the Mohegan Casino, all were small 15-20" fish but fun for awhile. There was alot of others who had the same idea as I did several dozen boats up there with me. I fished around home on Sunday, took countless small schoolies and 1 37: fish that fell for an eel early in the morning. Thing's are winding down for sure hopefully we will see one more good push of bigger fish before the gear gets stored.

Mike M.