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: Borski #3- Bonefish Short, Tan

11-04-2002, 11:34 PM
Hook- #2 Gamagatsu.....Tail- Orange Krystal flash over light tan calf tail.... Skirt- Grizzly hackle, long and webby...... Wing- Two short grizzly hackle tips, tied flat and delta-wing style.... Eyes- Glass beads, strung on stiff mono 40 lb and positioned at mid-point of hook. Cut a short piece of mono...burn one end then slip over glass bead so that the wider bead hole hides the bunt end and catches secure because of the smaller hole... then slip over the other bead and let slide down to the first and then burn the second end of the mono down to desired length, pull both beads slightly to catch in the holes... should be about 1/2 inch long when finished. ..... Head- Wrap gold or silver mylar tinsel on the front end of the hook shank... From eyes forward form a flat triangular shaped head with 5 minute epoxy.