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: Back from Baja

10-30-2002, 11:24 AM
Hurricane anyone? Only lost one boat day to the big swirlie. Bottom line 3 days in the boat:
Skipjack: silly amount
Bonita: "No way" "way!" "shut up!" "YOU shut up!" amount
Dorado: 13 distributed in an almost perfect bell curve across the three days : 3, 9 (mostly rats, one 18 pounder), and 1. The mate blew my one shot at a 30 plus pounder on day 3. Nothing like lining up a perfect cast to a crossing fish and having the mate throw two handfulls of bait 3 feet BEHIND your fish... Had to physically pry my thumb away from my palm to pick up a beer back at the resort on day 2.
Roosters: Didn't count, from shore and boat probably 6, nothing double digit... Okay, most were pretty much hand sized :hehe:
Miscellaneous: lady fish (as many as bonita from the beach), rainbow runner (my first!), pompano, small jacks, horse eye jack, pargo lost at the boat that opened up a 3/0 tiemco 800s!

Paid for: 4 nights in a single room, 4 days on a super panga (22 to 26 foot open skiff)
Got: 4 nights in a suite (total waste), 1 day in a really not super panga, a 20 footer with a 4 foot beam the day after the huricane :whoa: , and 2 days as the only fisher in a 30 foot cruiser. Ended up with a $170 dollar credit... That's after the bar tab was settled! You better believe there are ALL kinds of stories to go along with how this happened!

In mexico, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but it's a positive adventure if you go with the flow of the trip... Had a blast... Already trying to figure out how to get back :-)

Dble Haul
10-30-2002, 11:28 AM
That sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing and giving some of us something to think about for the future. :)