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: Striper Appreciation Day

10-25-2002, 06:34 PM
By the powers invested in me by my own imagination, I hereby declare tomorrow, Saturday October 26, 2002 to be the first annual Striped Bass Appreciation Day.
Drop what you're doing, cancel all your plans, cash in your Brownie Points. Get down to the Sea, to your favorite fall hot spots. South facing beaches, points and reefs from Cape Cod to Watch Hill have great potential. Some heavy weights may be found on the east facing outer Cape, but mung may render that region sub-prime. Sheltered waters of Narragansett Bay and Long Island Sound should be red hot if bait concentrations are located. Rumors of adult size bunker are worth investigating along the Connecticut shore.
Get out there and show those Linesiders the appreciation they deserve!

10-25-2002, 08:28 PM
Great idea Mike! I will have to make mine a day later due to the booth duties at EMS... but make it such a good outing that you say "ya should've been here yesterday!". :)

10-25-2002, 10:10 PM
I am here to tell you that the fish are in South County and waiting for any appreciative lure/fly thrown in their vicinity. I fished Thurs. and Today in the boat of course and the Albies don't have any idea what the date is. Albies all over Watch Hill and Sugar Reef all day both days. Very picky though as there is ungodly amounts of bait in the water. I got the Albie blank on Thursday but redeemed myself today with four Albies in the boat, 2 on spin and 2 on the fly. Witnessed some mythical blitzing today at Watch Hill with Albies just CRASHING the surface spraying bait in all directions. This by the way was the best time to plop a fly in the middle if you wanted to hookup, I put on a larger than the bait sized deceiver and stuck it in the middle of the melee and finally hooked up. Also while I was still frustrated and feeling sorry for myself before hooking those 2 on the fly I noticed over by Sugar Reef on the fish finder that the bottom was covered with fish. So I tossed a shad jig (Storm) down there and instantly hooked a nice mid/upper 20" Bass. I immediately grabbed the sinking line and tied on a very heavy clouser and sent it down for a look see. As soon as I started to strip it BANG! another bass same size. I did this for a while and ended up landing in excess of a dozen fish, I would have kept catching them except the Albies kept crashing around the boat. That is when I decided to give them another shot before I pulled out my dynamite, low and behold that is when I landed my 2 flyrod Albies of the day. Caught several nice bluefish today as well and ended the day by breaking my 10 wt. on a 2 lb. rat blue that I was reaching to unhook.............I wish flyrods were a little more durable because this is getting ridiculous. Second broken rod f the year and I broke 3 last year, thank god for the Orvis guarantee or I would be spin fishing only!!! I now have 2 rods to send back to Orvis for repair/replacement. I still have my T&T 9 wt. to fish with but that rod has been back to the shop twice before so I am very leery about using it, I caught both Albies today on that rod and it was a struggle due to the rod not having the same lifting power that the Orvis rods have. I have to really baby any fish I hook with this rod or risk snapping it in half as well. I have never broken any of my light spinning rods....knock wood! And they are not taken care of as well as my flyrods are, what gives????? I think they are making the flyrods much to fragile, I think they can make a flyrod that will cast well and still be able to stand up to the rigors of the fishing we put them through. Anyway if you can make it down to the Rhody shore it is happening NOW! so don't dawdle get your butt off the couch and fish, snow has already started to fly and it won't be long until we are talking about meeting up at the fly shows. It has been cold but it has been refreshing and always gives me some real calming effects to be out on the water this time of year and feel the cold on my face and smell the fires burning on shore..........brings back alot of past memories of days gone by.

Mike M.

10-26-2002, 04:25 AM
WOW - I wish I was there yesterday! :devil:

(Good advice, I will take it on Sunday and get out there!)

Your comment about flyrods made me think. It made me wonder what type of rod holders do you use on board? Many of the fly rod woes I've experienced on my own boat out west had to do with the hazards of running and gunning the waves with the rods in rod holders, on the deck, hitting other rods, etc. Now that I no longer own a powerboat, I tend to hold the rod in my hands on other's boats and I am certain I have never broke a rod on a boat since. I am sure I could maintain that streak for as long as I hold the rod between spots, and so I have to assume there is a relationship between cause and effect there...

just my .02

10-26-2002, 12:37 PM
I'm thinking about a dawn assault at Napatree tomorrow (Sunday)-anyone else going to be there? It's really going to kill me to see the albies breaking well out of reach while my feet are anchored to the shore, but I agree that now's the time to be out there. It's gonna be a long winter...

Bob Pink
10-26-2002, 04:17 PM
flyrods and boats....

As one who's seen too much of warranty repairs on my flyrods over the past two years I think it's time to reconsider my techniques. In fact I will (hopefully in North Carolina in 48 hrs) try an idea on albies that was proposed during the bft expidetions of this fall.

Rather than get into a vertical fight with a stubborn fish ( as flyrods are not known for their brute lifting power ) why not use the boat to slowly power off at an angle, with the rod pointing towrds the fish and a palmed drag? This should help draw the fish up towrds the surface. You gain back line with the fish higher in the water collumn and repeat as needed. This might mean the fish is a bit 'greener' when it get's to boatside but all the better if you plan on a release anyway....

Keep at it Mike, I still think about that afternoon along Fishers from last season.... that was the best.

10-26-2002, 05:28 PM
I would tend to agree with you as I have thought that maybe the beating the rods take on the boat might be partly to blame for my bad luck of late. I bought some new fly rod holders made by Blue Water Designs and mounted them on the console railing and I think I will keep them there when on the water. The holders I use now are on the gunnel and don't hold the rods tightly thereby allowing them to bounce around a little which is not a good thing. I did look over the rod after it broke and found no signs of prior damage to have caused it to let go but who knows it only takes a small nick to weaken the rod.

I have thought about that day many times recently and have been back there many times in the last few weeks, there have been sporadic fish in there but not steady, I have gotten into fish one day only to return the next and find nothing. There is plenty of bait and I think they will move in there real soon and it will be real good I am sure. After what I saw and caught deep on Sugar Reef yesterday I would think that the fish would be taking up residence around those areas we fished any day now. If you want to come down and give it another go just say the word, I am still jobless at the moment so now would be a good time to do it. Sounds like you are headed down to Harkers soon, I hope you have a banner time of fishing down there and please let us all know how you make out.

Mike M.