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: Sportsmen Can Make A Differance

10-24-2002, 11:53 PM
You may have all heard about the closures that were inacted on certain rivers on the Olympic Peninsula to protect wild adult Fall Chinook that were just 'tide-washing'-as they were unable to migrate upstream due to the historically low levels.

Amongst these closures, the Quillayute was closed to all fishing (the Sol Duc and Hoh remained open but were closed to the rentention of kings) and the majority of the guides, instead of fishing over stressed fish, have cancelled all their trips until the water arrives. They have a strong desire to conserve the fisheries...

On the other hand, the Quillayute tribe contined to net the Quillayute at their standard rate (the Hoh's cut back though) and stories of them corraling stranded and confused fish into their nets with their jetboats spread.

To let the public understand that sportsmen care and to protest this slaughter a fish-in was organized and the media was alerted. Just to note....I have no problem, in general, with native netting as they are given that right by a Federal Ruling that deciphered the cloudy treaties of the 19th Century.

It seems that these sportsmen and conservationists made a differnance and the exact effects of todays protest is still up in the air...but their will be effects.

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10-25-2002, 10:14 AM
I commend all in their efforts to bring attention to what I see as illegal or at the very least irresponsible native fishing.

I am curious though, if the OP guides actually came together for this protest?