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: North Shore - Sunday - late report

10-22-2002, 05:41 AM
Did some exploring on the north shore on Sunday. Hit the Salem/Marblehead/Lynn area. Plenty of birds working around Lynn - in fact two big groups of them. As is typical - they were out of reach to us shorebound folks. There was one guy in a boat that made several attempts to hook up - but to no avail. This continued for well over an hour - and each time in two locations that were about 1/2 mile apart.

The birds were going crazy, but the funny thing was there were no fish busting the surface - all the action seemed to be happening in the 15'-20' of water. In fact the guy in the boat said he was marking fish at 15'.

My question is - what do you guys think was under the birds. I would think if they were blues or schoolies - all hell would be breaking loose on the surface. Any thoughts?

And my last question - where should I be headed this coming Friday. Talked to a few guys in Marblehead and as they were packing things back in to their cars - they indicated things had been real slow since the Nor-easter blew through.



10-22-2002, 08:07 AM
I'd say you were in the right area being this late. Bait holds well in the nooks and crannys of "little cape ann". Are you taking friday off or prework fishing? I'm thinking there's another good run coming (maybe in April).
I totally agree with their observations re: the Noreaster(s).