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: another lean season on the Thompson?

10-21-2002, 12:10 AM
Hearing tales of woe out of Thompson country tonight.

Apparently the counts are the lowest in years (23 out of 24 seasons of record I'm told, although I haven't confirmed this yet with biologists) and a good many anglers--most--are going fishless in Spences--apparently a fisheries technician doing a creel census over the weekend had one fish reported among all of the anglers surveyed on the river. And it's not for lack of rods on the river as the crowds are unbelievable. Many anglers have left Skeena country earlier than normal due to poor weather and river conditions and have taken up residence in Spences Bridge, making it "take a number time" on all the famous runs. So crowds combined with few fish makes for poor fishing if relative solitude and hooking steelhead are part of your definition of fishing. Looks like Thompson fish are suffering the same fate as Skykomish winter runs--few fish and those that are there are being loved to death.

Late season lake fishing anyone?

10-21-2002, 01:03 AM
Yes the Thompson is as slow as death but I would also add vitualy every Steelhead stream of the West is on par.. I have been to the Snake Basin, The Upper Coloumbia, the Skeena, and the Fraser the only thing I know for sure is that the catching of Steelheads is a whole lot different this year than most. What with the dam counts and various test fisheries being at or near trecord levels I and my fellows were thinking 1986 all over again!!! Oh well I guess this is why they call it fishing instead of catching.
Fred you better be ready for an invasion.
Cigars and music are suddenly more important than they were when that thread was issued!!!!!
I call it cold water you can side against that position and I won't argue but to say its a slow season is a bit of an understatement.

Scott K
10-21-2002, 01:03 AM
There must be something at play here, if this holds true. Like seriously. Why are some rivers having banner Summer run years this year, but the Thompson fish may be in fact having a lean season? Is it due to different migration histories which could contribute to larger Native and Commercial interceptions? It almost always seems like you can't rely on other rivers returns to predict the fate of rivers like the Thompson. For instance, it has held fairly true in the past few years that poor Summer returns allow you to predict poor Winter run returns often times. And Good SR's have allowed me to predict relatively good WR's. Case in point, in 99/2000 they counted the poorest count on the Coquihalla in years. The Winter runs returning that Winter were also very poor everywhere. In 2001/2002 it also held true, only there were fairly good returns, and I'm predicting good returns of Winter runs this year from some of the Summer run #'s I've heard of. But the Thompson? I have never been able to predict anything with that river relative to other rivers returns. It seems to be on it's own accord, so to speak. You'd think some years would have good ocean survival? Well I haven't been able to predict that on the Thompson. Let's just hope this years run is unlike last years and the fish are just late. Or they're bugging the Sockeye. Or something like that?


10-21-2002, 01:46 PM

Sorry to hear that the "T" is another of the fine rivers to suffer a downturn. Here's hoping that it is short lived and a full rebound is just around the corner. Sadly, as with our Western Washington winter runs, I doubt this issue will turn around anytime soon.

Maybe the November steelhead summitt can produce a unified voice so we can start addressing those issues (management, habitat, harvest) that are addressable before it is too late for all our rivers.


Rick J
10-21-2002, 02:29 PM
I heard second hand that the rivers run in cylces - upper northern waters were great for awhile and the more southern systems were hurting. Now the more southern systems are getting good runs and the northern systems are not. Feather, Klamath, Rouge, Umpqua are all having good runs this year. Not sure if there is anything to this but it supposedly came from a fisheries guy that has been tracking this stuff