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: Morris Island Causeway Parking Issue

06-22-2001, 06:12 PM
Last week, the local Chatham newspapers reported that the Chatham Selectmen are considering imposing limits on the parking along the causeway to Morris Island. They are concerned that town residents (shell fishermen) are unable to find parking on the causeway because of the increasing numbers of non-residents who park there and utilize the ferry services to Monomoy Island from the Fish & Wildlife property.

The Selectmen seem quite concerned that they are unable to regulate the ferry service as it operates from U.S. Govt. property. They could impose a permit fee if the service operated from a town landing or property.

Since they cannot regulate the Rip Rider operation, the Selectmen are considering the imposition of parking regulations on the non-resident anglers who use the Causeway. Stay tuned and/or get involved.


06-22-2001, 08:33 PM
That's crazy. When's the last time anyone saw the causeway full?

Local clammers deserve access so why don't they allocate an area specifically for clammers only? There has always been plenty of room to share, and if they need to have a certain area due to the full clam buckets they gotta carry back then give them the primo spots by all means. But Chatham sells clam permits to non-residents, so not all clammers would benefit from their approach.

Also, there is enough easement (term?) on either side to park twice the cars head in like other lots up and down the cape. Maybe the problem is the primitive wire cable arrangement and not the fact that people need to park somewhere to enjoy the federal wildlife reserve?

To say limit parking first come first served would be selfish, fishermen would win that one every time. I know there are plenty of selfish folks out there but this would be unfair to the birdwatchers and folks just hoping to experience Monomoy and South Beach.

Thank goodness it's under federal jurisdiction or this would have gone the way of the rest of the cape long ago - off limits to everyone but the rich and famous.

You're right Brendan - we can't let access to this treasure belonging to the people of the US be strangled by small-minded interests and short-sighted reactions. There is a good solution to be found for those who would seek it, but it will take open minds not parochial "get off my beach" thinking.

06-22-2001, 08:51 PM
I heard someting like that. That's bad because at this point I see no alternative to parking around that area and for the day tripers who want to take the shuttle the logistics will be bad.. Where do the people who take the outermost tours park.. In the property of the Marina? I didn't think it was that big.

06-22-2001, 09:03 PM
If they built a exclusive lot on the stage harbor side just for clammers and residents only, then those who are supposedly being deprived would have carte blanche. Meanwhile the rest of us 'lowlifes' would have to park the way we do now, BFD.

We could even up the shuttle fare to $15 and have the five bucks help pay the Town of Chatham to build the parking area or something.