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: Drip Trip Report 10/12

10-13-2002, 10:57 AM
Well, it was more "drip" than "rip" unless you're talking about the wind. It wasn't a total loss, however, since it's alway nice to get together with fellow forum members to discuss tactics and techniques and swap fishing stories. I also had the opportunity to visit the CAC to admire John's collection of flies, lures and other fishing-related items.

I drove out to the Cape on Friday afternoon and made a couple of stops along the way to FredA's place, where he was kind enough to put me up for the night so I wouldn't have to make the marathon drive on Saturday morning. I managed to ditch the skunk early by catching a couple of stripers at the end of a small breachway in East Falmouth. The wind was already blasting pretty good and waves were crashing over the ends of the jetties, so it didn't surprise me when Fred informed me that the trip was off.

Even though the boat trip was canceled, most of us showed up at the causeway in the morning and gave the fishing a try anyway. If nothing else, we got plenty of practice casting in heavy wind. We started at Morris Island near the entrance to Stage Harbor. Not much was happening there so people started going their separate ways.

I left the group and fished my way back towards the car and picked up a small striper along the way. Can't call it a schoolie since there didn't seem to be any of its classmates around. Must have been a dropout. Still, it was nice to finally feel a tug on the line after hours of casting without a hit.

After lunch I took a ride up to Nauset Angler to buy my own 9wt so I can (finally) return Juro's rod. I opted for the TFO 2-piece, which was certainly in my price range and has had good reviews. Harry told me that there had been loads of birds working Sunken Meadow Beach that morning, so I took a ride up there to test out my new rod. Even though the beach was on the lee side of the dunes, the wind was still very strong and made it difficult to get a good feel for the rod. It does seem to suit my casting style (or lack thereof) so I'm pleased with my purchase. After an hour or so of casting I suddenly felt another tug on the end of my line. A feisty 20" striper had volunteered to eat my deceiver and allow me to see how the rod handles a fish. After a few more casts another smaller striper became the second volunteer.

When I first started fishing I had the beach to myself. As I was trying for my third fish the beach was suddenly inundated with anglers, and a large group of people began playing some beach football in the steady drizzle (they were having a blast!). I found myself surrounded by bait dunkers, pluggers and fly casters, and I started thinking about how nice it would be to catch another fish in the midst of all these fishermen. After a few more casts I went to the other end of the "football field" where the beach was empty. About two casts later I hooked and landed a 22" striper. The football players stopped their game to watch me land the fish, making good-natured comments like, "c'mon, don't lose it now", and "oohing" and "aahing" when the fish splashed on the surface. Then they gave me a nice round of applause when I landed the fish. What a riot! I unsuccessfully tried for an encore, but then I had to leave so that I'd have time to visit the CAC before heading home.


10-13-2002, 11:00 AM
Q -

That sounded like a GREAT outing to me! New rod, some tight line, a command performance, a CAC tour - what more could one ask for? :)

Let's put it this way... I WORKED this weekend! :(

(but I will get even next weekend :hehe: )

10-13-2002, 11:42 AM
A big thanks Q for the single malt pogie oil.

It was good to finally fish a tide though the catchin was nearly non existing and the wind beat the crap out of us. Good to meet Mark, Bert, Doc, and Mr Basser, who has it turns out, I'd fished with last weekend (who'd I miss?). Always good to see the Right Honorable and to visit the CAC.

10-13-2002, 01:52 PM
I put my report on the "Rip Trip -Weather" thread... Two things..Met Doc and met a decendand of Confederate general Armistade. Bob Benson sold "Fishing The Cape " store.

10-14-2002, 04:03 AM
Very good time guys and I enjoyed the visit to the CAC. Good to see Fred A catch his pet fish two weeks in a row...and the forced march into the gale with Doc was fun even though someone kept moving those stairs:hehe: :smokin: