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: Fall Narragansett Bay

10-13-2002, 07:59 AM
Father and son fishing trips are great, especially during the formative years of adulthood.
It seems that catching a few fish does wonders to the heart and soul of any relationship. For just those few split seconds of time playing a fish, moments seem to linger. Time is just a reference. Interaction between father and son seems genuine and natural, not some event thatís scripted. As a casual observer, you take stock and enjoy their moment too. You feel like youíre there, but you also understand that youíre standing outside the bubble. Thatís when you take stock and make comparisons and reflections about your family memories too.

Saturday was balmy and drizzly with an East wind at sunrise. It didnít seem at all like a weekend day. Shell fisherman plied at their trade while recreational boaters stayed home. On board todayís trip were Keifer Johnson and his dad Stephen who hail out of Ipswich, MA.


We nailed our first bass shortly after arriving at the boulders near Nyatt Point. It was about half an hour before sunrise. As it turned out it was a joint venture involving father and son. After admiring the fish, we quickly released it back to its origin. Was very nice to start the day on a good note.

The areas between Colt State Park and Rumstick Rock held peanut bunker all morning long. All the action seemed sporadic with small pockets of two-three fish. Occasionally they would break the surface. These bluefish were cleaver, even though they were smaller fish. They would hunt in smaller numbers and be selective at all our offerings. Not once did we have a second follow after the first strike. The huge surface blitzes we have experienced this season never seem to materialize today. Perhaps it was the cooler nights, but today it seemed like the numbers and size of blues had vanished. Bay water temperatures had plummeted to 64 degrees. Bird activity was dense over schools of subsurface bait. . Even the gulls seem frustrated by the lack of carnage and the failure of the bait to be pushed near the surface.

10-13-2002, 12:52 PM
Here here! on the father and son stuff.