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: Cape Report 6/15 - 6/19

06-20-2001, 06:39 PM
Somewhat belated and coming to you direct from the Windy City!

Friday 15th. Headed out to Chatham in the pea-soup at 3:30 a.m. Tried the usual spots but not much doing. Headed out to South Beach on the 8:00 Rip Ryder. Fished hard until mid-day and finally connected with two mid twenties at the pick up spot at noon. No more activity that day owing to airport pick-up duty.

Saturday 16th. Enjoyed an extra couple of hours in bed & took Rip Ryder to North Monomoy - picking up Striblue and Solo on the way ;). Saw bird activity south along the East shore but foolishly stayed to fish the very nice looking rip. Got to the birds just in time to see the last fish caught by a couple of guys who did the right thing. Nothing of any size reported.

P.M. We took off with Bruce Peters on Miss Jillian for a really interesting around south monomoy. Encountered sporadic schools of Blues which feasted heavily on Clive's "Best Monomoy" flies. A bit further North we were rewarded by the unique sight of pods of bass on the surface many with their heads down and tails in the air. Not so unusual until you realize they were over eight feet of water. I managed to get some interest by a fast strip through the school and Clive was rewarded with a 34.5 in specimen. As the sun started to go down the fish become more aggressive and at one point there were fish splashing and tails waving for as far as the eye could see. I lost count of how many fish we eventually landed.

Sunday 17th.

Fished with Kris Jop out of Buzzards Bay owing to the crummy weather report and enjoyed a full day on the water. Kris wasn't too optimistic initially since BB has been very slow so far. We soon saw bird activity and picked up a few sub 20s before going searching. The last hour at the Maritime Academy turned out to be a classic. Huge concentrations of birds over breaking fish. Again, we quickly lost count only this time I was getting all the smallies and Clive was getting mid to high twenties fish. The bass are definitely back in Buzzards Bay! The Maritime academy have a new training ship on order & the old one's gone - looks very different without it.

Monday 18th.

Headed out to Monomoy with Kris but the west side was out of play owing to a stiff North Westerly wind. We enjoyed some classic Monomoy flats fishing on the east side of the cut on the outgoing tide. I had a classic visual take from a 33 inch solo fish which ate my flat wing tied specially for the occasion. There were some real slabs swimming around out there.

Tuesday 19th.

Headed back to Monomoy & checked out the west side but the water was still very dirty and there were few signs of fish. We decided to head back to the Sunday honey hole but saw fish on the flats at the west side of the cut. I decided to go wet wading whilst Kris & Clive poled arround on the inside. As I move towards the surf line I started to see more and more fish and then groups of a dozen or more riding the surf in the classic heads down fashion. I threw various pattern with different retrieves but could only get a few follows. Decided to try from the deep side and rejoined Kris & Clive to anchor on the other side of the surf line. I guess you would call what followed a "Randy Jones" moment ;) The school probably numbered in the low hundreds and these were all slabs from 25 lbs up. There were feeding but very picky. Clive managed to annoy one into taking and I missed the take on another using a slow strip - stop retrieve. I tied on a "static" pattern and put my rod down to get the camera ready for Clive's fish which was keeper size. The inevitable happened, my static pastern was accepted and I spent the next 15 minutes bringing in my largest striper yet - 35lb on the boga scale. At that point, having sort of figured things out the fish decided it was time to leave!

All in all a classic few days. Pics to follow soon!

06-20-2001, 07:08 PM
That's not just a fishing trip -

you must've died and went to heaven! Boy, the rest of the work week is going to be pure pain after reading that one!

Congratulations, and great report.

06-21-2001, 06:21 AM
Wow. Nice report! Are you for hire?


06-22-2001, 04:27 AM
Hi Randy

I think we saw you at the cut on Monday - I guess you were the one on the step ladder. How did you make out from shore?

06-22-2001, 06:37 AM
Adrian.... what's a couple days... reat report. I wish I was with you guys,