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: Wading Jacket Blues

10-07-2002, 08:47 PM
I bought a Hodgman Wadelite jacket last year at the North Cove Outfitters fly fishing parking lot sale and really liked the jacket alot. I spoke to the rep. on that day and what he said was enough for me to decide to buy the jacket. Well I used the jacket all year never being out in any heavy rain. It performed alright but never got a real workout, I went out about 2 weeks ago and fished from shore in waders and my Wadelite jacket only to come home soaked to the skin under 3 layers. I was not a happy camper at all, so I went to North Cove and talked to Pat Daigle and he told me that I had to leave the jacket with him and he would send it back to Hodgman for inspection. I told him that sucked and that I needed a jacket now, he said sorry but that was all he could do. So I emailed Hodgman and got a reply about 4 days later. They said to send the jacket back, I told them that I had already taken it back to the store and told them who I talked to. They replied telling me I was due a refund from North Cove. This made me happy as I did not want another jacket just my money back. So my point is I purchased a Redington Q-Nimbus jacket from an online retailer tonight over the phone in Oregon, the jacket is made of Barrier Flex which is what they use for their waders, does anybody have any experience with the waders or the jacket??? The guy on the phone told me that the Hodgman stuff sucks and that he had a Q-Nimbus jacket in the back of his truck that he uses all the time while steelheading in Oregon, I hope what he said is true, if so I will be a very happy camper for sure. I just need a coat that breathes and also keeps me dry that's all nothing fancy. I talked to Pat at Rivers End Tackle and he told me that he has one of those expensive Patagonia Gore-tex coats and that the same thing happened with that coat, heavy rain and he got soaked. So I will try this new jacket and see what happens I was just curious if anybody had any knowledge of the Redington jackets or waders. If this one fails I will send it back and try something else and keep trying until I find something that does work.

Mike M.

10-07-2002, 10:01 PM
Hi Mike,

Let us know how you make out. I haven't gotten out and bought one yet so I am very interested in what you find works. If you have big waves breaking on or near you, You might find only a dry suit will really work for you. They are waterproof and seal up around your neck and arms like nothing else I know of. I would expect it to be like a sauna suit though, no breathing could mean sweaty when warm.

It was nice to see you out on the water this past sunday, hope you managed an albie by days end.

Tight Lines,

10-07-2002, 10:38 PM

I got an inexpensive ($100) jacket from EMS made by Marmot. I have had nothing but positive experiences with it. Like you said it is nothing fancy, only a shell, but packs up very small. I think Nick has the same jacket and has had nothing but good luck as well. Just a thought if the Redington isn't what you were looking for.


10-07-2002, 10:41 PM
Mike, I have both Patagonia jackets..the lite one and the SST. The light one is really for light rain and does hold up well for me..but the SST is incredible..the water still beads up on the outside and I am totally dry in a long downpour. Sean is right about that skiwear... I also have a North Face that is basically waterproof...but the problem with the skiwear is that it has no usefull outside pockets that you find handy in fishing.

10-07-2002, 11:14 PM
Hi Mike! First off I assume it was raining when you were fishing-right? I shopped around big time for a jacket to use in Alaska this past August. I considered a Redington Stratus (?), until I checked their website and saw the jacket was not guarenteed to be waterproof. I think the one you purchased is their top of the line, and Redington can never be faulted for not standing behind their products, so you should be OK. I ended up with a Hodgeman convertible jacket from Natick Sports. I haven't worn the jacket in a hurricane yet, but I'm happy with it. The jacket cost less than $100. If I purchased a jacket for $300 I would expect the shop and manufacturer to jump through hoops for me, but for what you and I paid- nah. Been following your exploits from various websites this season- YOU SO DA MAN!!! One question about your albie flies that you refer to as deceivers, is there is a hackle in those flies somewhere?

10-08-2002, 03:07 AM
Hello Quickie,
There is no hackle in those flies, I ditched all unnecessary accoutrements (sp)? when thinking about those flies. The most important part for me is speed of tying, if they take too long to tie I ain't makin' em'!!! Plus I like to keep them simple and to the point, been alot of blues around this year and if I lose a fly to them I don't want depression to set in just retie and keep fishing. Quicksilver there is plenty of time left this season and I will be fishing alot up your way, if you would like to take advantage of my previous offer to others on the forum here drop me an email and we can make plans to go out on the "Hardcore" and attempt to catch finned creatures. I will let you all know how the jacket escapade works itself out. Greg it was a pleasure to finally meet you as well, I did manage 1 Albie that day way over by the rocks at the end of the jetty, much too rough out there on Sunday. Really getting tired of the wind honking and the waves pounding, unfortunately that is going to be the theme from here on out I think. Sean thanks for the heads up as well for you Striblu appreciate the info gentlemen. That is why I come here more than any other website now, ask a question get a no-nonsense answer enough said!!!! Thanks guy's!!! And please let's all keep this place the way it is and not let it get out of hand like so many other good sites, don't want to say that used to be a great site, you know what I mean???

Mike M.

10-08-2002, 07:19 AM
Yup...the jacket Sean is talking about (Marmot Precip Light) has been awesome all year long. A quick wash and toss in the dryer has brought the beading back everytime. Even when the water stops beading on the surface, it never makes it through the waterproof layer. And it has two HUGE pockets on the outside (holds my large foam flybox in one side plus more). Glad to hear you're still catchin'!


10-08-2002, 08:01 AM
Hi Mike,

That Redington jacket is a keeper. No comparison to the Hodgman. Barrier flex is basically the same stuff as gore-tex and that jacket has a nice sturdy feel like the patagonia SST. Tried one on last week and will be making the investment for steelhead season shortly.

Plus, you will never get a hassle from Redington when it comes to returns. They are the only company I know of that will turn around a broken flyrod within a week.



PS - did you get my email about the albie pics?

10-08-2002, 10:28 AM
Why is it that breathable jackets leak but breathable waders (usually) don't? At least, that's been my experience.

Tod D
10-08-2002, 01:48 PM
I'm no expert, but it's been my experience that given enough time (read, enough washings in my case), most waterproof jackets break down somewhat. Has something to do with the outer membrane breaking down...

I've got a patagonia SST, purchased back in Q1'97, that began to lose its repellancy this past spring. Contacted Patagonia, they recommended that I put in through the dryer to reinvigorate the water repellancy, and if that didn't work use Revivex (think that's the name. Available at REI and I'm sure other places). Jacket's as good as new after that.

It's not a jacket, but I got the a pair of the new Redington waders - barrierflex etc.. - after I returned the pair I'd purchased 3 yrs ago after both feet began to leak. Generally speaking, I'm meticulous to the point of silliness with my gear so I was surprised the waders broke down (fortunately within the warranty period!). That said, while I'm impressed with Redington's return policy their gear quality sometime leaves me wondering. Between the waders, problems I've had w/ their reels and all the other times I hear of people raving about Redington's return policy -as opposed to their stuff - I wonder if we're not better off buying better stuff. Ok, off the soapbox...

I wet wade through the summer, so I just started wearing the new waders (3x so far). Don't find them particularly breathable. Either that, or I just sweat like a buck in the rut... ;)

10-08-2002, 01:55 PM
Tough break finding out your jacket is a seive in a rain strom. I have the LL bean Wading jacket and love it. Keeps me dry breaths off sweat and has under arm zippered vents for added cooling. About $100.00.