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: Rip Trip Gear/Provisions

10-07-2002, 01:54 PM
Here is my list for what you should bring..others may add to what I forget... the most important thing is to travel LIGHT...if we have to make the long walk you will know why if you don't... Bring your usual fishing stuff that you would have for a full day...but no car to run back to and from.... Bring-Water,Lunch/food, tolet paper,polarized glasses, warm clothing( know..the usual) and rain jacket. I will have a cell phone, others should bring theirs, I will have a camera and small binoculars, If you have a walkee/talkee, bring it..I have one and they are helpful in keeping in contact with the group...and getting reports. Rods should be 10 or sinking lines and bring an extra line or reel, Wire for or two guys should bring an extra rod..incase someone breaks a tip or something... heavy weighted flys, sand eels and bunker patterns..also small white flys including white clousers with flash.. Just bring your usual supply of flys... big squid have worked, etc. Waders of course..if warm you can take them off. Thats it for now.. the trip will cost us $300...that's $25 each..try and bring exact bills...if everyone brings in $10's it will take to long to divy out change if we can even make change. I will have to pay Keith before we leave as is the custom... If the weather should dramitically change for the worse while we are at the Point we will have to be ready to leave at a moments notice if Keith says so. I asked for a 7 AM leave time instead of 8 Am.... Low tide at Monomoy Point on the 12th is 11:01 am. Rip will start to form in earnest around 9 am. Try and be at the Morris Island Causeway no later than 6:30 give you time to get ready, etc and not forget anything...I will be there at 6 AM. Now, we need to leave promptly at 7..give or take a few minutes.. if you are having a problem that morning you will need to call me or Keith so we can wait for you..if we don't know you will be a little late we will leave.. but we will not be able to wait for any extended time period.. I will e-mail you my Cell number and CAC number later as well as Keith's cell phone... Keith will only know by Friday night if the weather does not the trip can be cancelled at anytime up to 7 AM on Saturday.

Dble Haul
10-07-2002, 02:24 PM
Thanks for the items list John. You can count me in for another set of binoculars and camera (not digital, though).

I like the early start. How long do we get to stay and play on the island, provided the weather stays good?


10-07-2002, 02:52 PM
Sorry...missed that point... The boat ride is about 1/2 hour and we get dropped off on the west side at the Powder Hole, for those who have maps to check out.It is about a mile walk from the Powder Hole to the Point and where we set up our mini-camp. Keith will pick us up back at the Powder Hole between 4 and 4:30.. usually we start our walk back from the Point at about 4.

10-07-2002, 04:34 PM
Should we pack our rod in its tube for the longer and rougher than usual ride? I usually pack a few bandaids but does anyone pack a medical kit? I noticed that the right honorable Penquin carries a mini tarp for taking his long that a good idea? I have a new spool of that hi tech wire so no need for everyone to go out and buy some. And don't worry John I will bring two lighters this time:smokin:

10-07-2002, 05:10 PM
It can be as soft as a pillow riding out and back, or it can be a slam session. You can have a mild day of schoolies and blues or get into cows so big, fat and strong you'd think they were some other species. They might turn on and off through the tide, or provide hours of non-stop action like you dream about. We've seen it all out there, and although it may not always turn out to be at it's best, it's always an adventure. I've only missed a couple myself.

I hope you guys have one of those amazing days out there at the end of the world... I see no reason for it not to be - with all the activity surrounding the area lately it could be on fire!

10-07-2002, 06:30 PM
JF... Pack it anyway you want..I remember only one really rocky trip back and that was the first one we did this year... Since I carry a first aid kit with me in my vest I forgot to include it in the list since I have it all the time....But ..the first aid kit should be the number one item you bring. Juro is right could be incredible or not...but I have afeeling that we will be smack in the migration...the tide is right and we can expect different scenarios with the changing tides...but we will also have an incoming...that might have some interesting fishing although the rip historically is an outgoing proposition. This is, however, our latest trip down there..I think the latest we went in years past was in Mid September.

10-07-2002, 06:44 PM
Craig, I owe you.