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: Classic Saltwater #18--Nasty Charlie

10-04-2002, 08:28 PM
Here is a copy of the orginal Nasty Charley developed by Bob Nauheim. He developed it on Andros Island and named it after his guide..Bonefish Charlie Smith. Smith would keep sayin..."that's some nasty fly" Nauheim caught bonefish while others could not hook up. Later, after commercial tyers got a hold of it they renamed it Crazy Charlie...But the later versions were tyed differently...Rabbit fur instead of hackle for the wing... Eyes moved back a bit and the fur tied closer to the eye of the hook. Floroflash instead of straight silver mylar ,and clear plastic wrap instead of Monon over the flash.. See the version in the Bonefish archives where I tied both for a visual comparison... As far as I am concerned ...the right name for the fly is "Nasty Charlie".