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: Rip Trip Confirmed

10-04-2002, 10:18 AM
Spoke to Keith this morning and we are a go for Saturday October 12 at 7 a.m..... rain day Sunday.... Here is the list as I see it..but please let me know if I screwed anything up... I need firm committments this week...ASAP... from all on the list...this gets a little dicey without a sign up roster... What I have to date is...Me, Juro, JFbaser, Eddie, FredA, Doublehaul and Bert, JayM ,BigDave,Quentin,JimS, and Doc Duprey. Based on confirms to date. I see the alternates as Craig, CSJ60 ,Matt (Both have not indicated any interest since the first thread.)........I need the Go list to say yes or I can fill any no goes with the alternates and any alternates that may pop up.... By the way..If we have a rain date for Sunday..I might not be able to I will also need to make up a new list..BEFORE that weekend on Confirms for Sunday assumming some people can't make the rain date. Does all this make sense... I see that Adrian, Jimmy, smcdermott, birdfish, Penguin,Chris and Roop are out.. looks like we don't have enough for a second boat anyway... This trip is weather permitting and may not happen even if it does not rain...the wind will be a significant consideration also. By the way... I am going Saturday one way or if we get cancellations which fall below the 12 number I need to know how committed the remaining people are to pay the difference ......Obviously ,we won't go if we have only 5 or something like that...but Keith can not gear up and get shafted on that morning...

Dble Haul
10-04-2002, 10:28 AM
Thanks, John. I've left messages for Bert and will confirm his presence as soon as I know.

If the trip is cancelled due to high wind or rain (or both), how soon will we know? Day of? Day before?

No matter what the weather, I'll be fishing, but would rather be on one of the beaches on Saturday morning if the rip is a no go.

You da man!

10-04-2002, 10:42 AM
Mark... Friday Night..unfortunatly...because we really can't tell until the last minute... so guys should plan that Saturday is a fishing day... because I will not be able to get to everyone if it's cancelled at midnight on Friday or even the next morning...

10-04-2002, 11:28 AM
John, you can scratch me from the alternates list, I'm headed north that weekend for brookies and ducks.

Good luck out there guys, hopefully you'll hit it just right this year. Take plenty of pics.


Doc Duprey
10-04-2002, 11:51 AM

I am a go, come wind or rain or...whatever. If no boat run due to wind and waves, I'll bu up for a walk on the beach with flyrod in hand.


P.S.: Is the offer of accommodation at the CAC still open?

10-04-2002, 11:57 AM
I'm confirmed. I've got room in Dennis for anyone that wants to shorten the am commute.

10-04-2002, 12:05 PM
I'll plan to be on the boat on Saturday and leave my options open for Sunday in case we need that for a rain date.

John, do you have a sleeping bag-sized piece of floor available at CAC for Saturday night? If so, that would simplify matters immensely.

Are you going to collect payment in advance? I can send it by Paypal if you want.


edit: Fred, I just saw your message. I think I remember how to get to your place. Can I reserve a spot for Friday night and possibly Saturday night?


10-04-2002, 12:16 PM
I am working out the last barriers to "yes" before committing. Once I commit I will be there hell or high water. Not able to say just yet.

10-04-2002, 12:17 PM
Doc and Quentin..confirmed for CAC Saturday night....I am not hooked up to just bring it with you

10-04-2002, 03:00 PM
I would like to go if I can get a spot.

10-04-2002, 04:04 PM
John, I'm in for Saturday, and the "rain date" for Sunday is also ok. Also, plan on me for an additional dollar amount if you don't max out with 12.

If any of the participants need a place to stay Friday, I've got room in E. Sandwich.

Thanks again for your time and energy in setting this trip up.

10-04-2002, 06:11 PM
I was wanting for you to confirm dates. I made my commitment.

10-04-2002, 09:41 PM
Sorry CJ..that's why I said to correct me...your in...... That would drop JimS to the alternate catagory based on the first come first serve basis. By looking at the numbers and responses so far I will confirm with Keith the numbers again..if we have only one or two alternates which we have now,maybe Keith can squeeze both of the alternates in .. Knowing Keith,I doubt it, but I will try.

10-05-2002, 06:15 AM
Thanks Striblue! I know how much work these things can be, and we appreciate it.

I am going to have to be on the alternates list promoting anyone else who is definitely able to make it up to the main list.

If you remember a while back we had an auction for a ride aboard Capt.Ray's chariot ( and Brian Casey outbid everyone and invited me to tag along. Both Ray's donation and Brian's bid are great contributions to the Forum at a time when we really need it.

Knowing Ray, it's going to be a trip to remember and that may happen next weekend so I need to leave it open. Please put me on the alternates list.

10-05-2002, 09:23 AM

I am 100% confirmed for Sat regardless of weather.

Will meet you on the causeway at the time you specify for our departure.

I will be traveling the rest of this week without email but will check this thread on Thursday evening for any updates.


10-05-2002, 10:14 AM
I went back to the original list under " Rip Trip #2" and I see my post before some of the names that made the go list and I am on the alernates list. Hope I can make it and not bump anyone off that is on the go list, in front of me, that actually posted after me. I know I have been out to the Rip before, but it sure would be nice to get back out there before winter.

10-05-2002, 12:41 PM are right..thanks for correcting me..I get confused without a roster list...Since CJ is in and Juro ,out that puts you in under our system here. But JimS is back on the alternate list .. I think that's right. Since all the guys are new to the rip trip ,except for me and FredA. I think Jay did go once, Fred only twice.. I was wondering if you would conceed your spot to JimS since he has not gone and you have made several trips... In reality, I think if you are the only alternate I could convince Keith to take you for balast , as they said in "JAWS". That would make 13 and I will call Keith today about this and his clear cut maximum....What do you think?

Dble Haul
10-05-2002, 06:49 PM
I talked with Bert this afternoon......he's a go, and very psyched.

We'll be at the causeway about 6:45. See you there!


10-05-2002, 07:38 PM
I will be there Saturday.:smokin:
Flatzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzare for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's....rips are for trips:hehe:

10-06-2002, 09:32 PM
To give up my spot (if I have one) would be like cutting off my casting arm. There are reports of FA's at the light house (ie. most likely the Rip also). I am an exoitic virgin, have yet to get an albie or Bonito. Have you had a chance to talk to Keith. Winter is a long, long haul.

10-06-2002, 10:09 PM
Craig.. I wasn't expecting that response..but anyway..rules are rules... I will check with Keith as I promised. You do have a spot, but I will expect Jim there as well. Under the worst circumstance I will ask FredA to Meister and Jim can take my spot. Hopefully Keith will beable to squeeze one more on this could be all acedemic.

10-07-2002, 07:13 AM
I'm out! My response was to see if Keith would let the extra man go, if not, I was going to bow out. Good Luck out there guys!

10-07-2002, 09:46 AM
Craig..ok...but that's not what you said...anyway.. I have been playing telephone tag with Keith this morning and I will know soon whether we can go with 13.... so... If he says yes...I will assume you are back in. JimS is in from Pennsylvania and has not gone..that was the point... E-mail me if you are really out...

10-07-2002, 09:52 AM
Once again John - thanks for doing this! I know how tough it can get and I hope our appreciation makes it worth the effort. I'll be bringing my annual single malt donation to the shelves of the CAC on my next trip down!

10-07-2002, 09:58 AM
I will be there and am OK if we are a person short or whatever.

Stri or Fred A - Any room for a sleeping bag Friday night?

Pls PM me if OK - we're having bigtime server issues here today. Don't know how long my connectivity is going to last. Or ring me 781.899.1939.



10-07-2002, 10:11 AM are confirmed at CAC friday night.

10-07-2002, 10:43 AM
Dave, Quinten, also confirmed at Dennis. Pick your poison. Quinton, family may be down Saturday night but shouldn't be a problem.

10-07-2002, 10:51 AM
Thanks Fred...Right now I have Doc Duprey and Big Dave and Quenton staying at CAC but obviously with your place available they can pick....By the way I am definitly out if we have to go Sunday..need to be home. So, I will make that list up after I confirm the final number with Keith today.

10-07-2002, 11:41 AM
Stri and Fred,

Guess I'll stay at CAC as it seems to be a rite-of-passage among FFF members :hehe: Thank you both for the kind offer.

Can't wait to get out there and throw half a chicken at those migratory beasts!


Dave :smokin:

10-07-2002, 11:57 AM
I would definitely opt for the CAC, especially if you havn't been there before. Only downside from what I've heard is the hyperactive Right Honorable tends to keep his guests up rather late.

10-07-2002, 12:24 PM
Fred, we will hit the sack early... Anyway ,Keith just left me a message which indicates that his permit ONLY allows 12.. so that's it. Thanks to Craig we can take JimS who has not been there before....The final roster is Me, FredA,Big Dave , Doc Dupre,Quentin, JimS, Double Haul, Bert, JayM ,Eddie ,CSJ60, and JfBasser. More instructions later this week.

Dble Haul
10-07-2002, 12:27 PM
Thanks John. You rock! :p

10-07-2002, 12:57 PM
Originally posted by FredA
I would definitely opt for the CAC, especially if you havn't been there before. Only downside from what I've heard is the hyperactive Right Honorable tends to keep his guests up rather late.

BigDave, et al: WARNING !!!


10-07-2002, 01:15 PM
Thanks...ready to rip:smokin: