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: Albacores save Bambis life

10-03-2002, 12:56 AM
I love my long rods, but I am an incurable deer hunting fanatic. For the first time in many years I missed the opening of the Rhoddy bow season, as a matter of fact I haven`t even started getting ready to hunt deer yet! This can all be attributed to a fever to pursue these albacore, they`re worse than drugs, I just have to keep after them.Spent the morning on the west wall but only a lot of bluefish, so made the run over to Weekapoag, zero there. Funny thing after so much bait being around the breachway was empty of any bait today. On a sad note, while trying to use up the remaining pics on the camera so I could get the weekends pics developed, it fell in the drink! I`ll see if the pics can be saved.
It`s been many years since the deer season got thru 3 days without one in the freezer. I guess you could say these fish are doing there part to save the bambis.

10-03-2002, 07:53 AM
Too bad the albies didn't cooperate to ease the pain of venison withdrawl. I would have done the same thing in your shoes. Yesterday's weather was definately "Standing on the Jetty" weather and not "Sitting in a Tree" weather. Plus it was too dang hot! You'd have to really race to get your meat butchered and stored before it spoiled. Not only that, but all those deer ticks would be cranked up and mobile from the warmth!

Bummer about the camera. I got my pics back and they didn't come out too great. Will post some anyway.

Gonna be out this weekend?

10-03-2002, 09:24 AM
...a speeding freight train, a determined woman, or a school of hungry "T" tails (or a man on his way to catch them)!

Steve...I love when passion wins out!
Check your knotzz and keep your thumb away from that blurrr of a handle!