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: Mr. Evans - Avatar (aka picture)

10-01-2002, 09:04 PM

Why no picture of you wading The Rouge waving your 18' spey rod yet ? Thought you were working on that.

We need an image to associate your posts to. After all you are up there in the top ten posters category.


10-01-2002, 11:27 PM
How in the hell do you think Fred's gonna fit that 18' monster in those little biddy avatars??? :hehe: :D

10-01-2002, 11:31 PM
forefront. I'm still one of those "old guys" who uses a 35 mm camera. "The Joan" is the 'one' who knows how to use an electronic camera, post, etc.

SO! Said I to 'self:' "Self, we must get Joan involved. She has the pic's and can post."

All kidding aside: she has a great grouping of 4 pic's of me hooking fish, dog going "Oh, Ya Baby," romping out into the river in time to watch me loose Mr. Fish. Actually have that series framed as it really is quite cute .... even if you wern't there.

Will talk to the 'propeller head' about the post of photo's.

ps: will cut/post this to Joan so she does her thing and you can all rag on her.:devil:

10-02-2002, 01:49 PM
Cool, can't wait I am also an old 35 mm nikon guy but will be buying a digital camera within the week.

It is getting expensive to have 35mms converted to the Koday digital images at Walmart. You can do that but it is expensive.

Thats how that picture of me fishing in South Dakota this summer was done.


10-02-2002, 02:00 PM
I was an old SLR guy until I picked up my Sony... I had 560 photo's down loaded on my computer... then created a four separate CD's, One for Family pics, H.S. Football, Flies, and Fishing. Now they are on the CD..deleteted them from the Computer and I am ready to add to the CD's and the computer...incredible ..I may have paid alot for the camera..but I have already broken even because of no film developing.... and I get them right will love it. Take as many pics as you want ..

10-02-2002, 02:38 PM
My last "excuse" on why I don't (other than to take a picture and hand the camera back to Joan) want an electronic camera is what if I 'fall in.' Darn, there goes $600 rather than a $70 Costco special.

Why do I feel myself being painted into a corner by you guys?

10-17-2002, 06:57 PM
Now that I have a digital camera I can do an avatar for you.

How about an Otis Bug ?

10-17-2002, 10:52 PM
I've got several tied up and in the box so (remembering we're packing up to move to the new digs) ask Joan to 'scan and post.'

Or Plan 2 would be to send them to you and let you go through the "pain and remorse."

10-20-2002, 10:42 AM
I have a box full of Otis Bugs here I could try and get a good picture of, how about that, or I could do a picture of one. Bet your favorite color is black ? (Right ?)

Moving thats a bad word. I dread the next one, maybe in 4 years after last son is out of high school.