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: C and R of Wild fish?

Scott K
09-30-2002, 12:03 AM
I am just curious about something. Up here we have hatchery Steelhead fisheries just like you guys, but we don't seem to have problems with guys who understand about Wild Steelhead Release (other than blatant poachers) and why we release them, especially in hatchery fisheries.

I am curious as to why it is so hard for certain people south of the border fisheries to embrace Catch and Release of Wild Steelhead, especially Catch and Release of Wild Steelhead in waters that have hatchery Steelhead in them.

Also, can someone explain to me the situation regarding clipping Steelhead down in your guys area? Up here it is policy that all hatchery steelhead have an adipose clip for various reasons. Sorry I keep hearing rumours that there are some fisheries where the Steelhead are not clipped?

Is there some psychology at play here, or some type of primitive instinct going on that I don't know about? Why is it so hard for people to change to the now?

09-30-2002, 09:59 AM
Scott, There is in Washington State a dual management of our steelhead fishery. Like wise there is duplication in the hatchery rearing of steelheads too. The various entitys refered to as the "Native Tribes" have a different harvest mandate than the sportsmen or "Non Native" managers.
It cost a bit of money to tag all those fish and they (the tribes) do not gain anything in doing so and have resisted tagging for some time. Several of our local politicians have tried to earmark funds with strings attached to help the tribes tag there hatchery fish. This is on going and I have not been following it closely.
If the price of fish gets much lower due to farm raised product you may see alot less hatchery fish in the rivers soon!!!!