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: Friday 27th RI Clave

09-27-2002, 09:21 PM
:) Great afternoon, Got there at about noon, no one signed in., Sun was trying to come out, no wind, just cloudy. Maybe if stretched one foot waves.:p Mosquitos carried me away. Thanks for the deet, it works.:) While I didn't see many Albies myself, I caught only two. I fished in only two spots. I do have a big problem as the big:eyecrazy: one got away! I had a bass that was huge come up and smash my fly, took all my line into about 100 yards of backing, damn direct drive reel! dammn near broke my thumb on the reel handle, and burnt the palm of my hand on the backing.:( Lost the fish. It headed for Block Island. My eight weight couldn't handle it. Retrieved the line and backing, looked like the nail knot broke. I tied on a new leader, and fly started to cast, couldn't, that was when I realized that I only had about 20 feet of fly line left.:o I know now that my fly knots hold, my leader knots hold, and my nail knot to line also held. The Cortland 8 weight camo broke leaving about 20 feet of running line.:( This line was three years old, and I don't remember of ever snagging a rock with that much line out. Two guys signed in at Weekapaug Bait when I got back there at about 2:30, Dave P, and Sean M. I called no answer, because I had no place to sleep:( I came home. On the way home Sean called me. He said they were doing well. You guys can believe the weatherman. I don't. Looking at the weather maps it looked like you people in the north are getting more then we are on the coast, of course this can change.;)

09-27-2002, 10:15 PM
OK Here goes, early clav report. Got to West Wall about 9 after a couple of hangups getting started. As i was walking out met a guy coming off that said fish were all over the place, he wasn`t lying. Scott and Mike z were allready into fish. 2 other FFing also getting fish, all albies. Got some good pics of Sean and some other guy I thought was with the clav getting fish. Also got some great father -son pics of Matt getting his first albie, Mike can be really proud of the way he handeled himself. Oh I got one and broke of three on lobster pots. Large school of blues passed thru right at high and put the albies down so we beat feet to Weekapaug. Lefty soon showed up and the albies were there too, but they all stayed right at the point of the breachway and refused to come up inside. We tried to hook up with Art but heard he was at Quonny. When the tide went slack the fish left so we headed back to the Wall. It was flat calm with a slight NE breeze, but no fish. Heading in off the wall we saw fish working in the corner, Mike sean and Leftywaded in and immeadeatly hooked up!!! It was a fluke blits! Fluke were jumping clear out of the water in the first wave!! By then it was getting close to dark and people still had to set up camp and I headed home to cook chili and replenish flies It was a perfect day to fish.

09-27-2002, 10:26 PM
PS chili`s been simmering for three hours, this is he-man chili for hardcore fishers, it`ll grow hair on ya in places you never had hair before!!!

09-28-2002, 02:02 AM
Wow what a great days fishing. Allright Matt way to go on his first Albie! Hope we have a picture of that coming. With the Blue fish and now the Albie he's getting some great fish.

Glad to hear the weather didn't turn out as bad as the forcast and the fish were there. I have to admit I've seen both sides of a weather forecast good and bad, and sometimes they get it right.

My oldest has been out of school with a fever and was just well enough to send today to take his weekending tests. I expect next weekend shouldn't be too shabby for us dropouts, hope the fishing is as good.

ArtB - Are you going to be around next weekend?
Hope so, if not please PM on your snail mail address.

Papa-G - I can send you a check for the steak. I know I can't get down for the dinner. Please PM on your snail mail address.

Tight lines,

09-28-2002, 08:06 AM

I am really pleased for you die-hards.

I am also a bit jealous. It is a sunny Saturday morning here in NH and I am wondering why I did not go to Rhody!

I hope that your luck continues...


09-28-2002, 08:28 AM
I'm still headed up tommorow (Sunday) as planned - looks like the wind is going to be mostly out of the North and West today, calming down tonight.

Hope to see the diehards sometime tommorow ;)

09-28-2002, 06:38 PM
ARRRRGH!! I spent all day Friday and 1/2 of Saturday checking the dates on every, and I do mean EVERY bottle of Miller Lite and Sam Adams in Boston's Back Bay. Major convention in town with every major and minor beer company's CEO's looking for drinks with fresh dates. What a pain.

Anyway, glad to hear the earlier birds caught the proverbial worms.

Good luck on Sunday.