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: 9/24/02 Results

09-24-2002, 07:44 PM
Well finally got a chance to take my friend Tom M. from N.J. out in my boat for some Albie-ing. The trip was not in vain and we had a very enjoyable day. If not for the weather man screwing up the marine forecast it would have been perfect. I will keep it short, we tallied 8 Albies between us and loads of Bluefish, which I could do without as they were all the small rat variety which are good for only one thing and that is stealing flyfishermans nicely tied baitfish imitations. Thankfully the wind laid down in the afternoon and we had gorgeous conditions but also encountered the dreaded Sluiceway Crab Scurge, Albies that won't hit anything unless it is a microscopic crab looking thing which I have not been successful at coming up with a pattern for yet. Did get a few of them to swirl at a Crease Fly and if I had more time I am sure I could have coaxed one to eat the crease. We caught the fish today on a variety of things from Illusion soft plastic baits on the spin rod, to epoxy patterns, and yes the Crease fly was very deadly today accept at the Sluiceway. Finished off the day by catching 5 Hickory Shad in 5 casts in the Niantic River.

Mike M.
Here is a pic of my buddy Tom from N.J. with a nice Ruins Albie!!!

09-25-2002, 07:45 AM
Very nice Mike.

How did the 8X 1.2lb fluoro tippet work?;)

09-25-2002, 09:01 AM
Thanks for the report Mike, sounds like a great day on the water and your buddy's smile says it all!