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: Weekapoug jetties flyfishing only?

09-23-2002, 12:16 PM
Yah right! Nice fantasy!
I sure did wish it was the case this weekend! It seems the craze for false albacore has gotten so wide spread that there isn't enough available square footage of jetty space to accomadate all the weekend traffic. After close to 15 years of jetty jumping in southern Rhode Island, I had my first truely unpleasant experience on the east jetty of Weekapoug Sunday.
To put it in perspective, I left my house in Mass at 2:00AM in order to arrive at the jetty early enough to get a good spot. The guy next to me arrived just after I did so he must have gotten up just as early. Late in the morning a group of surf casters came out onto the jetty and walked behind maybe 10 or more flycasters to set up as close to the jetty end as possible. One guy took a position directly in my backcast. Knowing the albies had been blowing up recently, and knowing how I react to that excitement, I warned the gentleman that he was in danger of getting hooked. Well! You'd have thought I called him an SOB! He had a few words for me, but retreated. I thought that was the end of it. Next thing I know, here he comes with two of his buddies [who looked embarassed and clearly wanted no part of a beef] and they boldly set up right behind me and the flycaster next to me. Weighing my options, I decided to ignore them and continue to cast, while trying to avoid hitting them. It was either that or feed this yahoo to the fishes, and I'm WAY too old for that sh!t. The guy next to me however [who had less room to manuver] tried to reason with the clown. That was just what this guy was looking for [I think after gauging my dimensions, he didn't have enough pith to play with me, so he settled for the other guy]. To make the long story end, words were exchanged and the peace and serenity were lost. Nothing further came of it, but it was pretty tense. And this guy wasn't some young punk either, he was an older fellow, clean cut, not at all what you'd expect to be making trouble at 11:00 on sunny Sunday morning.

I know the smartest thing to do in a case like that is politely state my case and then quietly retreat from strife. It's just that I hate to see these guys think they can intimidate flycasters right out of their spots. We have as much right as they do to be there.

Anyway [now that I'm vented], it is something to consider for the up coming clave. Those with little tolerence for crowded conditions would do well to seek alternative destinations. As for me, I think I'll get up another hour earlier just to be sure to get my spot on the jetty. And if I see my "friend" coming I'll tie on one of my speciel 3/0 adult bunker imitations. ;^]

Dble Haul
09-23-2002, 12:47 PM
Mike- With a nice mid-morning high tide and reports of many fish still in the area, I was seriously considering being at Weekapaug myself on Sunday. A low grade emergency at the lab cancelled those plans, and it sounds like it may have saved some frustration.

I think it bodes well that you've fished the area for 15 years and this is the first time that you've had such an experience. I'd take that rate here in CT, but it just doesn't happen on these points and causeways. It's all relative, and I'm seriously considering a yak purchase for next season.

I might be in the area on Saturday the 5th. If you're up for some more elbow rubbing, maybe we can meet up.

09-23-2002, 01:11 PM
Yes, for the most part I've had positive experiences and even made many friends in my years of stalking the South County shores. Truthfully, it's only been the past five years or less that the crowd has grown to unsustainable proportions. I believe it is directly related to the striper comeback in the early 90's and the related explosion of new fisherpeople. Various media outlets, including the internet, have compounded the issue with widespread glowing reports complete with location data [I'm guilty myself on that one]. Now that stripers are again getting harder to find [for the average inexperienced fishermen] and false albacore are the rage, it is those spots seeing the most pressure. At least striper fishermen like to come out at night and in crappy weather. The mid day, FAC and clear bluebird days favored by many albie fishermen brings out all manners of weekend warriors.

And just so no one misinterprets my point, I don't single out surf caster or other spin fishermen. Unfortunately, I've met and observed a few flycasters who needed a lesson in manners and etiquet as well. When the funnyfish blow up at the feet of a jetty full of anxious fishermen, all kinds of crazy things can happen.

09-23-2002, 01:42 PM
I feel for you. I know it must have been very frustrating to have to hold back wrapping your rod around the guys neck.

On the bright side you won't be on the Salmon River in NY during October. If you want a zoo try a weekend up there. You could not imagine the mentality and brutality of these Cretans. If you ever should go.... make sure you have Pepper Spray and a semi-automatic weapon at the ready.