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09-22-2002, 07:43 AM
The flats are showing signs of other forces out there pulling at these fish. Where the attraction seemed to have pulled them into the shallows last weekend, they seemed to have moved back out yesterday with an unusually low number of skittish fish sighted. The excitement for the day was getting two grabs out of a small pod of big cows, fish that were waving their tails at us, but not connecting on the take TWICE. This occurred early and I only had a half day, the rest of the day would prove equally frustrating and I wore a rare white stripe on the ride back to pick up my kids to attend a family gathering in the afternoon.

The bayside however is getting a huge dose of bass, perhaps those fish who are thinking about heading south along the coastline are finding a haven inside the "hook".

My guess is that with the arrival of shorter days and acres of pea bunker the fish are getting a clue. The big beaches are coming into their own now and the bayside is coralling fall fish.

Southside and west end canal through Rhody are lighting up as they do every year, and although huge pods will move in and out of the flats at Monomoy, these will be hit or miss and the residents are packing up and moving on like the renters in the cottages on dry land did. I could be wrong, but that's how it seems.

For those not going to RHody, next weekend (28/29) down at the Rip seems like it would be outstanding... tide looks good, bass, blues, hardtails, maybe even a bluefin might make an appearance? :eyecrazy:

If someone could go take a peek and look at the mung and seal situation on Saturday, that might turn out to be an insane day down there on Sunday if the scouting report is good.

09-22-2002, 10:06 AM
Goodmorning Juro, It was nice meeting you. I had many second thoughts about not joining you yesterday at North, but the day before, 3 of us saw only 3 fish there in 7 hrs.. As you know I gave SB a try.....7 fish sighted in 7 hrs one to take, sad to say it was the smallest fish of the 7 that I saw. But it was a fish or fish to be in waiting:) Fish taken off bar between J and G bouys.....casted onto bar and let fly drift hit it immediaitely.....stayed another 1/2 hr in location.....nothing. Very little bait spotted on the flats, an occasional isolated 3 days on the flats gave me wonder if there was a "red alert" issued by Homeland Security for the fish to stay away from the flats. Seals are obviously protecting the flats from attack....I had a group of at least 30 follow me for an hour....never saw them before ON the flats in 18 inches of water, spanked the water finally in desparation and they went to visit another angler (sorry about that whoever you are) Frustrated....I wandered over to the tub area after shuttle drop off......10 fish sighted in one hour, one on briefly and retrospect I should have spent at least one of my 3 days there. Reading your report I guess bayside is the location of my next outing.

09-22-2002, 10:31 AM
Met Juro, FredA., Penguin, and another guy whom I have forgotten his name Saw some of the local guys come off..Leon, and Bob and they were empty handed... that was not good...(took the usual jibs about Flyfishing, but I explained to them that we LOOKED better while we fished and I showed them our great gadgets and exofficio shirts).... Anyway... Juro ,et al headed to the 8 am Rip Rider and Pete and I headed to meet Brendan O'Brien in his boat..We headed out to the West Side of South Monomoy, High Head, West point of South Monomoy ( Too rough to do the south rip and passed a Beached boat on the the Point), South Beach and finally the north tip of South Monomoy...waved to Juro and crew on North as we headed past..... Nothing at the expected locations but Pete hook three good size blues off of South Beach, I had one cut off and fouled hooked a sand shark...Brendan confirmed it was a sand shark, but both Pete and I later privately agreed that it was a baby great white.....ahhhhh....anyway........The only fish we saw we hugh pods of stripers moving with a purpose at the flats on the north tip of south monomoy...but no takers....saw the boat and turned on the gas. Brendan had to go in so he dropped us of at the south tip of South beach. we zig zaged our way to the ocean, to the inside, and back...nothing... seals following us all along the ocean side... I said to Pete..."stop making eye contact with them"... as he continued attempting to yell at them. With a strong incomming on the west side we still saw no fish moving in the usual locations.... so we took the 2 PM.back.... P.S. Pete invited me to YAC for Dinner... and The meal was excellent...striped Bass, stir fryed vegees, Homemade basil pasta and a great fruit drink...This was my first time seeing his place...huge lot, great barn and a bueatiful lofted living room...I told him he had it made...The fly tying station in the "Bunker" was envious... Watched the first half of the BC game... Pete...thanks for a pleasant stay and dinner was memorable...see you soon....Sorry we missed Paxton... I wonder if that was him as Pete and I rushed past to make the ferry. Brendan..thanks for putting up with us.... Another Pete Grey interesting fact.. The sands of the Sahara are different from our beach sand in that the grains in the Sahara are round...ours have jaggered edges... the grains lose their jaggered edges from wind..those worn away edges become the fine talcum powder dust that gets into everything and can be found in microscopic partictles here in the western hemisphere..

09-22-2002, 04:00 PM
...Do not get near John Morins' mouth while he's feeding!
Failure to heed this warning could result in personal injury...

With eager approval, the Right Honourable Mayor quickly consumed EVERYTHING I put in front of him (like an industrial strength wood chipper) stopping only for brief moments during the Boston College football game and to occassionally to breath.

John...Too bad the fishing was SLOW!...'Glad you stopped are welcome ANYTIME!

As Cliff Clavin would say, "It's a little known fact but"...Saudi sand tends to be worn roundish and should not be used in a cement mix because the smooth particles lack the jagged sheer resistant holding power of "regular" sand (...serves them right!)
When used in LARGE structures, slip fracture and structural failure is a big concern!
GoFigure!? Now...where did I put that beer?!

09-22-2002, 06:52 PM
Funny thing happen when I logged on....thought I made a mistake and logged on to Discovery Channel .com
Just in case I did.....I have a "sand question"......if Saudi sand was placed in an hour glass, would time go by quicker? or is time relative? It must be because despite the absense of fish on the flats the last few days......time on the flats always goes quicker than time at work.

09-25-2002, 09:36 PM
Hi John, Pete,
I will supply the elk steaks for next springs' feed in W. Dennis.
Sorry it was slow at N. Monomoy.
We had a very successful bowhunt in CO. 7 of us got 5 bull elk and one bear. Packed, quartered and cut meat for most of the week. Fishing the Cape, seemed alot more relaxing at times!
All is well is CA. Winegrape harvest should be complete this weekend.
Hope you Fall fishing improves.
PS. Salmon and steelhead are starting to show up in my part of the world.:D