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: Horseneck Beach - Sakonnet 9/17

09-18-2002, 09:49 PM
I was able to get away for a few hours on the water with Don, a Fly fishin newbie and my
son. Headed out of Westport towards Sokonnet to see if we could find any funny fish. Tide was near low and wind was out of the north 10-15knots, Not too much winds out there today made for a nice change of pace for me. Little to no birds activity all the way to Sakonnet, no bait visible nor fish sighted. Few boats on the water and most of the boats around were commercial vessels.

We checked on the spots I had found them before as well as few others, with no visible bait.
Birds sitting on the water and nothing happening, headed back towards the inlet and found a school of 1 1/2 foot long blues just off the beach blitzing. Told Don to get up on the bow with his rod ready, strip out a bunch of line on the deck and I'd put him into the breaking fish. Once he was ready I moved the boat into position on the edge of the breaking fish, and yelled cast, cast. He got some line out and quickly got out of sync with the fly swinging wildly and the line landing in the water. Tried a few more times, But wasn't able to get it out there. It's was alittle
different from practicing in the yard. With the addition of a Leader and heavier saltwater fly, waves and wind made it even more of a challenge. After a few more attempts he switched over to a spinning rod.

I moved up next to him after repositioning the boat and cast out, I had some follows and
refusals. We had a couple more shots and they departed. We moved inside to the estuary for
some pleasant fishing on quiet water. I picked up a scup and that was it.

It was a gorgeous day on the water and as always great to be there.

Tight Lines,