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: Horseneck Beach - Sakonnet 9/13

09-18-2002, 09:05 PM
I managed to get away for a day with an old friend and his son. Headed out of Westport towards Sokonnet to see if we could find any funny fish. Had hopes the wind would be 10-15 knots. But found the wind was probably closer to a steady 20knot with 30knot gusts by afternoon white capped seas ranged from 2-8ft. with most being 2-5ft and steep, Too much winds today for much comfort out there. Little to no birds activity all the way to Sakonnet, no bait visible nor fish sighted. Most of the boats around were commercial vessels.

Trolled and drifted along some structure, water was cloudy and shook up with no visible bait. Nothing happening, headed back towards the inlet and found pods of bait trapped by old cock point all the way back to the inlet. Found some to be spraying out of the water at times, figured fish below. Tried fishing under them and around the bait, no takers. It was a challenge to do that, the wind blew you by fast if you were drifting. Anchor wouldn't hold out in the open water and wind, at least were I tried. Even in the channel with the current and wind it was tough to stay put. Despite finding tons of silversides and bunker, I saw only one fish in pursuit all day, seems like the fish layed low today. Probably just couldn't see them with wind and water conditions, I certainly wasn't connecting today.

Found some olive baby shrimp 1/4 - 1/3 of an inch long when I pulled anchor. Lots of food bait around today for all size fish.

Back at the ramp it seemed like I had a line of people waiting not to use the ramp, But ask about conditions. One guy just came from vineyard/nantucket looking for funny fish, said he could only last 20 minutes out there today with a boat the size of mine. After hearing things were pretty much the same conditions he left there. He thanked me and left. Another asked about the mouth and beach area. Yet another asked the conditions off the beach.

One local did take the time to show me a spot he caught a 45inch bass from recently. I had fished there before and caught only a scup, He confirmed some nice bass could be caught there.

As always great to be on the water, even if I was wearing alot of it today. ;)

Tight Lines,