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09-17-2002, 09:41 PM
I made up some notes on an outline for fishing at the Clave. First I was going to give some directions, tonight I see that Nick has taken care of most, thanks Nick. For the boats there are 5 ramps that can be used.
1) State ramp at Galilee at Great Island Rd. which at the end of the escape rd. off rt 108 you take a right onto Great Island rd, the ramp is on your right. Very good ramp, from here you can fish The salt pond, and outside to either the East Wall, or the West Wall, Deep Hole all the places around Matunuck.
2) Charlestown Breachway Ramp which is inside the Breachway, this is shallow. From it you can fish Nimgret Salt Pond if it is rough on the outside. On the outside you can fish east to Green Hill, west to Fresh Pond Rock and beyond to Quonochotaug.
3) Quonochotaug Breachway ramp take West Beach Road, and follow it to the dirt portion which runs along side the breachway to a parking area, and ramp. This ramp is lined by rocks , one needs to have some one hold the boat when launching. This is right at the begining of the pond. This breachway is one that you do not go straight out, one has to go out just clearing the west wall. From here you can fish wet to Weekapaug, and east to East Beach, and the Charlestown Breachway.
4) Greenhaven Marina Expensive $10 in and $10 out, but fairly close to Little Narragansett Bay, and Napatree. Take 95 south to exit 92 at the bottom of the exit at the light take a right, follow to Rt 2, south on 2 till you hit rt1, take a left go under the railroad bridge take a right this follows along the Pawcatuck River which will be on your left. this runs into River Rd. around three miles you will go around a sharp curve which goes right, almost imediately, you will see 2 stone pillars, turn left onto Riverside Dr. about 200 yards you will see Greenhaven Marina sign on your left. A short distance from here to Little Narragansett Bay, and Napatree.
5) Barn Island Ramp , while I have never been there, here is directions from rt 1 at the railroad bridge. Take a right on Rt 1 follow until you go by a fire station on your right, take the next left on to Greenhaven Rd, take your next right on to Palmer Neck Rd. to the Barn Island Ramp. Be careful as there is some rocks near the ramp. This goes out into Little Narragansett Bay.
I hope this helps. :) In a couple of days I will post some information on kayaks, and fishing from the shore.

09-18-2002, 12:06 AM
Art, a nice new state ramp in the middle of Westerly, makes for an easy run to Napatree Point.

09-18-2002, 05:08 AM
Slinger, It is a long run to Watch Hill, mostly 5 miles an hour, plus parking is real tough especially on weekends.:(

09-18-2002, 04:25 PM
Just got a reliable fish report -

Slinger was into albies today. Knocked down two of them.
No longer a fly virgin.

Caught some blues and bass too. Where: South County on foot. Same area as the Clave

We'll, you going to tell us .... Steve?

09-18-2002, 11:49 PM
Word travels quick, you must have talked to Gerry, cause I just got in from work. Today was one of those days you dream of. Dawn at Weakapauge, east wall. Mostly good sized bass with blues mixed in blitzing on the outside, where the wall meets the beach, they were there all morning. When you got tired of bass just turn around, FA`s all up and down the breachway. When we left at 11:00 they were still packed in at the bridge. Got one that went at least 10 lbs., like being hooked up to a dragster, took all but 10 yds. of my 250 yds. of backing. Incredible fish!!! First time in my life I ever said " Forget about them stupid bass"
Got a new creation that I can`t wait to show you, should have a good supply laid in by the clav. Caught bass, blues and FA`s on it today. Could be my ticket to fame + fortune , maybe even a mention in the Journal! Gotta tie, gotta tie, then sleep but back there Fri.

09-19-2002, 06:28 AM
:) Glad Slinger has found what it is like to catch False Albacore. His report shows that we might be into prime fishing for the RI Clave. The thing that bothers me is the hurricane around Cuba.:( I shore hope it doesn't come this way.
Kayaks, If the weather is right I hope at least a few of you get the opportunity to fish Napatree to Watch Hill trip. Little Narragansett Bay is loaded with fish, I believe a large concentration of bluefish, with school bass mixed in. This has a lot of shallow flats, but be careful of the channel, there is a lot of large boat traffic.:( At Weekapaug if the weather is good one could carry the access on the west side of the breachway, if I am in the area we could put a couple of kayaks on my truck and I could save you a carry to the mouth. Quonochotaug one can launch almost any place along the beachway, or the pond. When the current is ripping stay away from the eastside near the docks at the bend one might get pinned aganst the pilings.:( You can cross to the westside. There is one little spot where I have seen kayaks in the little pocket with their owners fishing the west breakwater. The pond is always good along the flats on both sides of the channel. Good spot if it is rough on the outside. Charlestown Nimgret pond is a large shallow pond with a channel that runs right along the marsh with an undercut bak in many areas places where on the incoming tide the bass lay in the deep water along the bank where the bait drifts right into their mouths, some of the areas are 10 to 20 feet deep. Just before you get into the pond there is an old barge under water which is also a good spot. Like I said before I would like to see a buddy system for kayaks, at least two together. :tsk_tsk: Don't want any accidents.
Shore fishing is something that is going tobe hard to keep track of as the fish run along the shore, and you have tobe in the right place when the fish come into the surf. The places are West Wall, quite a drive from where we are based. Charlestown Breachway, East Beach, Blue Shutters, Fresh pond rock, Quonochotaug, Fire district, Noyes point, Weekapaug, Misquamicut, Watch Hill Beach, Watch Hill Light, Napatree Point all fish real well, if the fish are there. This time of the year I lean toward Napatree. If you have the stamina to walk to the point( over a mile)there is usually acres of fish. I made my Napatree Express for carrying my gear. A folding shopping cart with tubes to hold two rods fully strung, floating line, and an intermediate. The whole beach from back of the Beach Club at Watch Hill out to the point is a good opportunity to hook into False albacore, or see them speed by.
:whoa: Bass quite often run back and forth all day. Don't expect to be alone, especially on weekends. There is many chances to get into fish along this section of the RI Coast. I will do my best to get everyone the chance to catch something.:cool: If I can help someone please let me know. I want to hear some fish stories.:eyecrazy: I hope to have my cell phone on all weekend if my new charger works. I am hoping to have some kind of sign in at Weekapaug Bait and Tackle, please look around, they are now stocking some flies, show case right inside the door leftside.

09-19-2002, 08:22 AM
I know we spoke of this before, but I'm still unclear as to if there are any ramps big or small (little sneaky ones) that I can get my 14' Aluminum boat into so that I can access Napetree?
IS there a marina in Westerly? How about Stonington? Too far to cross?


09-19-2002, 12:30 PM
:) Lefty I mentioned 2 ramps which are the ones to be used for Napatree Watch Hill area. Barn Island Ramp, and Greenhaven Marina. Look back on the thread. Slinger mentioned the ramp in Westerly. This is almost in the center of Westerly, very tough for parking on weekends, plus about a four mile run to Napatree. Lots at under 5 MPH as the channel goes by dozens of marinas. Large boats galore.:( Greenhaven is expensive suggest Barn Island, Striper where are you? I haven't used it but it comes recommended.:)

09-19-2002, 02:15 PM
Thanks Art. Barn Island sounds like the one for me. Sriper?


09-21-2002, 01:38 PM
Hey Art,

I had a couple questions about Quonny.

What is the depth through the breechway at low?

You mentioned sticking to the west wall on the way out and NOT going straight out the breezeway. I assume you have to hug the west wall then along the beach for awhile to get out. Any bouys or markers out there for the channel if there is one?

Do you see any problems with a boat that drafts 3-4ft. Any Tide time limits? (Ie 2hours around low tide.)

Does the lot fill early in the AM this time of year on the weekends?

If I recall It seems one could launch, then go in towards the pond and go around the rocks and park in the sand? Then wade in.


09-21-2002, 02:06 PM
Albies were there today around the West Wall. Out of reach of waller's though. Action last about forty five minutes.

Conditions are looking good for next weekend barring any ocean storms.

09-21-2002, 05:53 PM
Albies were in Quonny this morning. First one took me into the backing twice then came off when I horsed it to avoid a cut line by converging power boats :whoa: . Second one stayed on to be grabbed by the tail. :hehe:

Met up with Kenney A. and a bunch of guys to play with double handed rods. Lots of fun and some interesting sticks. Phil Barta had the 15ft Thomas and Thomas - absolutely yummy!

Wind was nice for big time roll casts. Managed to get chomped of by a big blue - they were herding bait periodically on the outgoing.

I've never seen so much bait! Really dense schools of baby menhaden as described by Slinger, silversides from 1 to 5 inches and mullet 6 to 7 inches

09-22-2002, 06:28 AM
:( Greg, sorry I am late on the reply. Depth is not a problem if you go down the middle of the breachway, till you get near the piers, stay just off the piers, as on the right side there is a bar that goes out aways. When near the end of the right hand wall go out on about a 45 angle, DO NOT GO STRAIGHT OUT. keep within 30 feet of the end of the right hand wall going out. The lot fills early, and yes you can beach on a small sandy area, but it does have a few pebbles. The breachway has no buoys, the pond does have some markers showing the channel into the pond. Quite a few flyfishers fish the edge of this channel.
Adrian Glad to see you had fun at Quonny Saturday, I will bet my friend Bill was there, he is Mr. Albie. If he is around I know albies are there.:) Glad to hear you had fun trying the 2 handers. Hoping to see you next weekend.:)

09-22-2002, 12:38 PM
Thanks for the info on Quonny, Art.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this coming weekend.


09-22-2002, 03:12 PM
We spotted large numbers of Potugese Man-o-War floating through the breachways. Probably normal this time of year but be careful - especially if you decide on a nightime assault:

Tentacles are very long and will get picked up on flies, leaders etc. If yaking - carry Papain (meat tenderiser), vinegar or you fav. jellyfish sting recipe.

I would have remembered bug spray but not this :tsk_tsk:

09-22-2002, 03:49 PM
Adrian, My daughter got stung on the Vineyard a couple years back. I thought the creature was a Potugese Man-o-War and I was freaking out ready to rush her to the hospital. A woman recommended meat tenderizer and assured me that it was not life threatening, claiming her kids had been stung once in a while. She went on to say that they were not Potugese Man-o-War which are much larger. I cannot say first hand how bad it is but it did cause swelling and redness like a bee sting, poor kid.:(

Here's some interesting info on the Portugese Man-O-War and other jellies (http://water.dnr.state.sc.us/marine/pub/seascience/jellyfi.html)

Thanks for the heads up. Have you been working on a pattern, I hear the Albies Love 'EM. :hehe:

09-22-2002, 08:18 PM
:( When I was there at Quonochotaug Fridat I was on the west side of the breachway, and I wanted to try and get down about opposite the first parking area. I walked by the foundation of the old Coast Guard Station which is now just a pool of water, all of a sudden I was attacked by, what I first thought was black flies, when I realized they were mosquitos, before I could get out of there I had to have gotten bitten by at least 50 mosquitos, hope I don't get West Nile. It is strange I haven't seen a mosquito down there all summer.:( Bring mosquito repellent this weekend, just in case. Hope that hurricane stays away, tough to have to plan an event ahead.:eyecrazy:

09-22-2002, 09:34 PM
Jim, the albie pattern is a simple bucktail deciever without a tail.

Bottom is a mix of white & yellow bucktail, top is white with olive over root-beer on the front half. Some holographic flash is added beneath the bucktail layers - gold on top and silver on bottom. Finish of with cheeks of Turquoise/pink bucktail - a few fibers of each- then JC eyes and peacock herl topping. From 2 - 4 inches, looks great in the water and they seem to like it :)

Most interesting is that the first one hit as the fly swung onto the dangle. I wish I could say that the take followed a well executed single spey cast (would that have been a first?) but I was using a 9ft rod at the time.

09-23-2002, 03:01 PM
Barn Island ramp is the best ramp that I am familiar with in the greater south county area. It is a little drive down I-95 to the exit or like Art B. said I guess you can get to it by taking Route 1. This ramp is a 1 dock ramp and gets shallow at low tide, I have to trim the motor all the way up to get in and out during times of low water. There really isn't any major rock worries at the ramp, there are some rocks just to the right of the ramp as you lokk out but if you launch and go staright out from the ramp before turning to go south you will be fine. It is the shortest drive by water to reach all of the western most fishing spots in R.I. it takes maybe 5-10 minutes ride to get over to Napatree/Watch Hill and maybe 20 minutes east to Weekapaug. You will also be close to Fishers Island which you will see as you come around Sandy Point. There are vast sandy flats extending from the entrance to Barn Island/Sandy Point all the way to Napatree and this area is very good for the Yakkers, there have been Albies in the Sandy Point entrance in the past and it is a reasonable paddle out to Napatree where you will be very likely to run into Hardtails. I would recommend that the yakkers put in around the Napatree area (Watch Hill beach club as this will cut down on their paddling time and effort). I have not finalized my plans for this weekend but am planning to make an appearance at least one day and maybe camp over night. Will know better later this week.

Mike M.

09-23-2002, 03:26 PM
Not to be picky, but, just so no one panics, the showy big red jelly fish [assuming its what you saw] are not men o' war. They are common in the area in late summer, early fall, especially after a sustained south wind. They definately CAN give you a hearty sting, but barring allergic reaction, are not dangerous.

An interesting aside, after a long stretch of warm south wind, those red jellies can be quite aboundant. When that happens, look closely under the stingers of the bigger ones. There is a certain type of small fish [actually the young of a couple different species] which seek shelter among the stingers. It just so happens, false albacore love to eat those little fish. I've seen them zip right up under the big jellies and nab the little fishies. If anyone cared to try an imitation, they have a round profile like a butterfish and are shiny silver.

09-23-2002, 03:50 PM
Originally posted by artb
:( When I was there at Quonochotaug Fridat I was on the west side of the breachway, and I wanted to try and get down about opposite the first parking area. I walked by the foundation of the old Coast Guard Station which is now just a pool of water, all of a sudden I was attacked by, what I first thought was black flies, when I realized they were mosquitos, before I could get out of there I had to have gotten bitten by at least 50 mosquitos, hope I don't get West Nile.

Hi Art,

Sorry to hear you were swarmed and bitten by so many mosquitos over at Quonny. I got lumped

up the same way really bad one night over by the Charlestown Breachway bridge. Gotta admit

with the increases of deaths and exposure increaseing, West Nile exposure is a concern.

I apply a highly anti-viral and anti-bacterial oil blend directly on the bites on me or my

family. Now that I have significant experience with essential oils and their use, I have seen too many miraculas recoveries from serious ailments to discount one of the oldest medicines known to man. I would also use it as a first line defense against any biological weapon type

threat, like anthrax. Like that nasty flesh eating bacterial infection that killed a metrowest fisherman recently. Probably would have been completly thwarted by Oregano Oil.
I'm so convinced of their capabilities I'm working on becoming certified in their use and am now a distributer.

I'll bring down some of the blend I use as protection against West Nile and other insect

related infections as a small gift for your Clave contributions or sharing knowledge here on the forum. Plus some free info if interested.

See ya this weekend,


09-23-2002, 04:05 PM
Mike, the ones I saw were the red ones but a woman had gotten stung by the remnants of a PMOW which was disolving on the sand as the tide went out.

It looked like it might have drifted into the breachway and gotten cut up by an outboard engine.

I also noticed those small pilot fish accompanying a couple of the larger specimens. Not sure I would want to cast too close to one though!

My last experience with jellyfish stings was in Greece too many years ago. Large numbers of quite small (3 inches max) jelly fish would turn up periodically. First time I noticed them it felt like someone had slapped me across the arm with a bullwhip - those little guys packed a lot of punch!

09-24-2002, 09:39 PM
When you get down there, please stop in at The Weekapaug Bait and Tackle just across the bridge at Weekapaug. I left a sign in clip board there today. That way we will know who is around, and where they intend to be. This will make it easier for us to get together and figure the areas to attack.:D Today high incoming was good, lots of funny fish showed.:eyecrazy: When you stop at the Bait and Tackle be sure to look at the flies he carries. They have been a lot of help.:smokin: and will be this weekend. Looking to see you all, I expect to get there sometime Saturday afternoon. ArtB Hope the storm doesn't interfere:confused: