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09-17-2002, 07:48 PM
I decided to post this as a separate thread because it has nothing to do with the secret spots thread, but the Wild Steelhead Coalition (WSC) name came up few times and decided to share.

The WSC has no hidden agenda. The WSC is an organization dedicated to increasing the return of wild steelhead to the waters and rivers of the Pacific Northwest, plain and simple. And, because of this belief, we advocate year-round catch and release of all wild steelhead. This does not mean we are against hatcheries. In fact, we see hatchery fish as being very important for future harvest opportunities. But, as our mission statement clearly states: “ Hatchery programs must be closely examined and be carried out in such a manner that the negative impacts on wild fish are removed or minimized.” Further the WSC advocates “mass marking of all hatchery steelhead, and for science, not politics, to be the basis for the re-tooling of hatchery practices.”

We are a science based organization and believe our mission statement truly mirrors who we are. Our membership cuts across the cloth of conservation minded steelhead anglers and businesses that depend on healthy populations of wild steelhead (our membership is split between gear & fly anglers). If there is a hidden agenda I believe it would be educating anglers to understand the issues facing wild steelhead and taking action to help them flourish.

We are a young organization and will have growing pains, but as long as we keep our focus and keep an organized, inspired board and membership intact the WSC will continue to be successful. In fact, we have already had successes which will benefit wild steelhead. Another key in our success is new members who join and want to get involved by serving on the board, be a regional rep or participate on a committee.

Our goal is not to be a divider, but to be united with other groups or organizations, for example the WSC is taking the lead by organizing and sponsoring a Steelhead Summit. But, to be realistic there are always going to be disagreements or detractors who just don’t want to agree with our mission, hopefully it is the minority rather than the majority.

The Wild Steelhead Coalition has recently updated its presentation and action plan. The presentation contains information regarding objectives of the WSC and provides info how to get involved.

If your club or organization is interested in the WSC providing a program at your meeting feel free to contact the WSC at


Rich Simms
1st VP of Membership
Wild Steelhead Coalition

09-30-2002, 11:33 PM
Can you tell me when/where the October and November meetings are?

09-30-2002, 11:49 PM
Sure, I hope you and others who are interested can make it, I hear Sink Tip is buying all new comers a beverage of their choice.:hehe:

Wild Steelhead Coalition Meeting
Wednesday, October 2, 2002 7:00 PM (6:30 Social)
Bothell American Legion Post
19213 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, WA

You are invited to attend the Wild Steelhead Coalition’s October meeting. Be sure to join us for a great evening full of important information/discussion regarding wild steelhead and news about the WSC.

October Program/Guest Speaker:

Jim Tuggle

Presentation Title: “Setting Priorities in Fish Protection”

Jim Tuggle retired from WDFW three years ago and was the enforcement sergeant in charge of fishing enforcement for the Puget Sound area. He has an extensive background in both sport and commercial fishing, and has written and implemented many regulations.

Jim has been a life-long angler with extensive fishing experience through out the western U.S. Since his retirement, he has been operating a fish guiding business on the Olympic Peninsula/Alaska. Jim stays very busy in fish conservation politics, and community volunteer service. “One of our biggest challenges in getting our fish management entities to do the right thing for fish, is to make certain that the important things are done first”

A question and answer period will follow has well as general business of the WSC.

Feel free to show up at 6:30 PM to meet some of the WSC Members and hear about how the WSC is working to preserve the legacy of wild steelhead!

For more information contact Rich Simms at or phone 425-880-4254. Also visit our website at for information regarding the WSC.