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: Back at home...

09-16-2002, 12:47 PM
Well newly married and back at work after a nice long vacation. Sorry Fred we did not get to hook up on the rogue. Just did not get the time but I want to get back real soon. Am thinking about flying down sometime in the spring for some winter steel. Will have to work on dates with you. A very cool river and I miss it already.

We did get a guide one day and I learned all about the rogue river twitch. Not the most exciting way to fish but a perfect way to get my new wife out fishing. No steelhead but she did catch a fiesty 15" rainbow that actually took her into the backing. She outfished me!!!

Anyway looks like the boards have been busy and it will take me weeks to catch up. Unfortunately it looks like I will have at least a week and a half with no fishing to catch up. Was using the new wedding knives we got and ended up sinking one 1 1/2 inch into my palm. No spey casting for me for a little while until the stiches come out...


09-16-2002, 07:25 PM

Welcome back, sorry to hear about your knife accident, must have been some honeymoon on the Rogue.:chuckle: (kidding)

Whats this rogue river "twitch", Fred has never mentioned that local technique.

Congratulations on the wedding and joining us married fly fishers.

Make sure you have a good answer when your wife asks why you need more than one fly rod. Maybe others will have some thoughts on that. Mine has not bought any of my answers for the last 25 answers. I just sneak a new one in every 3-5 years or so.:devil:

All the best to you and your bride.


09-16-2002, 08:27 PM
1) Start your flygear stash now! You never know when you are going to need to make an emergency purchase at a flyshop you just happen to pop into! Believe me she has a dress stash or a shoe stash too. :D

2) Every big joint purchase must be regarded as her choice. Sure, you might end up with a flowery fu-fu house, but you'll have more points toward a well-deserved pair of goretex waders, that new folding staff, a float tube, a 25' deep vee open center console with twin 115 four strokes, etc - stuff you can use outside the "pretty" house. :p

3) Get a rolling fly material shelf. I found out her objection is not that I have all manner of animal remains around the house for fly tying, it's just that she doesn't want anyone who might come over to know about my dark side. Since I got the rolling hide-away shelf units that fit into a back closet pronto, there are no issues with my raw materials. Wheel it out of sight, out of mind - no complaints since! :smokin:

Seriously, I could go on with these all night - so instead I will just say welcome back, congratulations, and you've just obtained something worth more than all the fishing in the world - a family!