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: BOSTON HARBOR & SOUTH SHORE- Stripers 9/15/02

B-Fast Charters
09-15-2002, 07:31 AM

The fishing in Boston’s outer harbor and along the coast is as good as it gets. Acres of 1-2 inch peanut bunker are the target. The bass, in good numbers, are inshore along the coastal inlets, bays and rocky promontories, while school of blues can be found in the deeper waters along the coast of the entire region.

Early in the week, Shawn Sandisson and his dad from Beacon, NY had two banner days with the long rod and light-spinning gear. On Sunday, mostly big blues between 8 and 13 pounds took small gray and white deceivers or Half & Half’s fished down with 350-400 DepthCharge lines. Schools were all along the coast from Nahant south to Scituate Harbor. Off the Glades, a large school of blues was coursing through the bunker from first light through mid-morning. These hard-fighting game fish really put the 8 & 9-weight, T-3’s to the test. Typically, we break a lot of rods when the big blues show. None of the T-3’s have broken to date. Further, Shawn was very impressed with the anti-reverse feature on the Vortex reel.

Monday’s trip on the BAY FLY started at Deer Island with the first three cast yielding three keeper bass. The largest bass taped at 34 inches and 15 pounds. Once again, heading to the north, Capt. Tom found bass feeding close to shore where Shawn and his dad cast 1/0 gray and white deceivers and Rudy’s Ciecko’s “Fruit-Loops” to the breaking bass. Fruit-Loops has some lavender buck-tail in the pattern, which, at times, makes a big difference. The blues were again in the deeper water and on Monday stayed up longer for the NY duo. The blues crushed small poppers cast on both the long rod and light-spinning gear. Arm-weary, the anglers called it a day early and headed back to the Empire State.

Friday and Saturday brought similar results after the windy frontal passage. Dave Sandrew of Cohasset, MA had non-stop action on the long rod at Deer Island at first light with bass to 34 inches on Friday using small gray and white deceivers. As daylight increased and the tide started to ebb, the action increased in the inner harbor off Winthrop for blues. Bob Morelli and friends from Tuxedo, NY annual two-boat trip found the peanut bunker pinned to a number of inner-harbor islands by stripers in the early am.. Both top-water and subsurface presentation were equally effective. Schools of blues were stretched out from Nahant to Scituate on the South Shore.

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters

09-15-2002, 08:09 AM
For those of you in the Boston area I also heard reliable reports (thanks bro') of pods and pods and pods of busting fish off of Nantasket yesterday morning.

Just FYI for any locals that want to bear the rain today!