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: Gail's Tinker Mackeral

09-13-2002, 11:35 PM
Here is one other fly from the same page... same hook as the grocery fly...White thread.....Tail- White bucktail, 2 white saddle hackles, two aqua green saddle hackles (grizzly),....Wing-Aqua green bucktail with black bars, flash, peacock herl.... Sides- short sparse purple bucktail,.... Throat- Pearl flash, white bucktail, short tuft of red marabou....eyes- Pearl 3-D. The photo really does not show the great colors in this fly. My variation that is different from the recipe is that I added a little aqua bucktail to the top of the fly to prop up the herl... without that the herl would lay flatter in a shape of the fly similar to the picture in the book.