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: High Winds

09-11-2002, 07:23 PM
You wouldn't think with 50 mph gust winds, four foot whitecaps, and water spray like a wind storm, there would be any fish around. Hah! ... so wrong.

Barrington Beach was blitzed tonight with ten pound bluefish the likes many shore angler's haven't seen this year. There were a few five pound bass around the extremities in the mix. Waves of peanut bunker literally washing a shore. Bluefish just feet away from being beached themselves. Had all the bait in the classic confrontation of a steep bowl shape beached pinned against the beach, tide and wind. Easy pick'ins.

Nature sometimes gives us incredible fishing scenarios at times you wouldn't think to fish. This was one of those nights. Next time you think weather conditions are extremes, take a run down to the water. You'll be surprise the activity you might be witness too.