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: Humpies???

09-10-2002, 01:28 PM

Earlier this morning I heard a jet sled pass by my property and went out to see if it might be another test fishery being done by the WDFW (they did one yesterday, too). I didn't see them so I expect they went further up river by Bacon Creek, anyway...

As I watched the water for signs of fish movement I started noticing several small fish (18" of so, maybe 4# to 6#). When there were two together, the trailing fish exhibited a very pronounced kype and hump. They sure looked like the humpies of last fall-2001. Knowing that there have been reports of such even-year runs in the Stilly and Sky, could these have been another group of even-year humpies? They seem far too small for any Kings in my memory and the silvers are reported to be in the western Puget Sound and the Straits - not this far up the Skagit! More info: they were brownish-red in color and some showed the usual white spots of decomposition.

Anyone like to set me straight on this observation?


09-10-2002, 01:47 PM
There are some even year humps in the Skagit. Seems to be more sightings of them this year than past even years.

09-10-2002, 07:00 PM
Awesome fish, awesome river the Skagit.

Just got back from checking on my cow near the river. I decided to check to see if I could see the "humpies" again but the lighting was off, leaving my side of the river in shadows. I went down to the bank and was instantly splashed by a very large king jumping no more than two feet from the shore. Startled puts it mildly! God I love this time of the year with all these fish in the river. Too bad my location is closed to all salmon fishing (though open for steelhead and dollies, etc.).