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: Nantucket report 9/8

J Wee
09-10-2002, 01:27 PM
After a busy summer with zero time to get out on the water, finally spent some time fishing this past weekend. Here's a late report on Nantucket fishing for stripers/albies/blues from this past Sunday:

The morning boat charter proved to be marginally successful, but we did boat an albie from the North side of the island where the peanut bunkers were lined up tight to the shoreline the day before. The winning lure was a small deadly dick on light spinning gear.

Regrouped in the late afternoon with wives at the Smith Point for a beach BBQ and had pretty steady blue fish action before and after dinner. Thousands of peanut bunkers hovering the shoreline, getting swept in the current, kept the blues around for a few hours. Caught them on flies, poppers, swimming plugs...

No stripers caught or seen.

A lot of fishing, with not much catching, but it was good to be out there fishing again, and the blues kept things interesting with a few double & triple hookups.

09-11-2002, 10:25 PM
J. Wee-

It's probably mildly heretical to talk here about metal lures, but like you, my experience with Deadly Dicks on Nantucket has indeed been deadly. On a day in late September last year on Nantucket, I caught a spanish mack, a pair of albacore, four or five bluefish, and a barely sublegal bass on #2 and #3 Deadly Dicks (the green flash tape model)--all inside and outside the Galls and on up to Great Point.

Hard to match the speed and action with anything in my flybox and flyfishing retrieve technique. Anybody have a go-to trifecta fly that catches 'em all?

J Wee
09-12-2002, 07:46 AM
We were supposed to fly fish, but when we found the albies breaking for only a short period of time then disappearing quickly, the capt insisted on the deadly dick. After we landed an albie, he set up a fly rod with an all white crease fly which apparently has been very effective, but the albies didn't come back up, and it was time to head home. Someone at the shop said the crease fly has been catching albies, bonito, and blue fish, so I bought a crease fly to try in RI later this month, and will post if successful.