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09-09-2002, 08:18 PM
Saturday, September 7, 2002: Rob Surdel and friends Ben and Brett enjoyed an outstanding morning of light tackle fishing. At first light, we encountered a nice school of bass busting bait just north of Faun Bar. When the action slowed, we continued north to Revere Beach and Bass Point where a mix of bass and blues were hammering silversides and peanut bunker close in to the rocks. We worked our way up to Egg Rock and beyond where it was a bluefish bonanza for the the duration of the morning! Nahant bay was loaded with blues ranging from 6 to 12 pounds. The action was non-stop and all anglers went home with sore arms!! BTW, there were good reports of school bluefin tuna from Minot's Light to the north. An early afternoon report indicated BFT close in to Egg Rock. We didn't see any school tuna but did have a chance encounter with a rather large (@ 6-8' long) sea turtle! What a neat site!

Sunday, September 8, 2002: Denis Blaise and his brother Eric joined me for a terrific fly fishing charter today. Just after first light, we found a nice school of bass mixed with blues pushing bait up onto Toddy Rocks and both Denis and Eric got the proverbial skunk out of the boat early. Small gray/lavendar deceivers on intermediate lines worked very well, but I'm sure any fly imitating a silverside or peanut bunker would do. The blues never really showed up north like they did the day before and I wonder if the bluefin tunas chased them out of town. At any rate, we found school size stripers working bait in shallow water from Winthrop to Nahant Bay. We had some nice action on the flats near Lynn Harbor in just 2 feet of water. Pretty cool to see a striper take a fly and scream
off in skinny water. Toward mid-morning things got quiet outside and I had a hunch we'd find blues in Quincy Bay towards the top of the tide. Sure enough, the bay was alive with small blues for an hour or so before slack high tide. Not a bad way to end the trip!

Until next week, we'll see you out there...

Capt. Wayne Frieden