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09-09-2002, 08:59 AM
Supposed to pick my friends cousin up in Mammaroneck NY for a trip to the home of GIGANTIC bluefish but he never showed and the ramp was closed for a car show. Drove up to Norwalk CT but the ramp was closed for the Oyster Fest. Next stop ..... Saugatuck ... Dead low tide and a new 20ft boat... damn! Snuck out with out a hitch even though we saw other boats get stuck in the mud. Spent most of the day searching around some new spots that were unreachable on our smaller boat. Went across to Eaton's Neck and motored up the LI's west coast a bit searching for action. Came up empty. Saw lots of bait on top, no boats & no fish anywhere. Came back to CT and found 3-5lb blues everywhere ( as far as you could see ) and only three or four boats working them. Landed 2 on the fly with no steel before I got bit off. Switched to the spin gear to get some numbers in the boat and landed a few more before they vanished. After a long day, a bloody boat and a bad sunburn on my face we headed home. I think the boat traffic has been playing a major role in keeping the fish down. It looked like a three ring Circus out there. Oh well there will be a next time and hopefully there will be less boaters out there to spook the fish.