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: Weekend Report

09-09-2002, 06:31 AM
Wife was ill when I got home Friday so I didn't make it to the cape 'til noon Saturday. Went to the bayside for some casting practice. Cast in the troughs as I worked the outgoing to the creek. Periodocally closed my eyes and thought back to fish seen and caught in June on this tide. Absolutely gorgeous September day out there but the water was devoid of life forms.

Went to Chatham light Sunday morning - pretty dead. Saw one schoolie taken in the two hours I was there. Lots of birds feasting on sandeels but apparently the fish don't know they're there. Only saw one seal. With the way the cut is filling in with sand looks like the striper travel lanes are at the north side of the cut, as I believe John mentioned awhile back. Anyhow, the bottom of the tide ain't like it was the previous couple of years.

Drifted with the kayak through the narrows in my back yard in the afternoon, mostly figuring out the flyfishing from the yak routine. Nothing caught but another great day weather wise. I've stuck my nose up at this spot this summer but it's been producing all summer long. Wish I'd fished it a bit more.

09-09-2002, 08:32 AM
Hi Fred,

Thanks for the report, was wondering what the fishing is like around your neck of the woods.

Caught my first bonito off bass river/herring river about this time of year. Saw some albies fly by too. Might be worth a look on the south side.
If you'd like a few more details just let me know, I'll send you a PM message.