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: Back in the lower 48

09-07-2002, 08:43 PM
I made it back up to Sitka in mid August just in time for the wettest period in over 40 years lots of rain and lots of wind the weather was as abominable as the snowman. The fish were as plentiful as the rain drops and were still biting like blind pitt bulls when I left.
While I was there I was involved in a large scale biological sampling program centered around King and Coho Salmon. I had a very interesting time and even landed a beautiful 12# Steelhead approximatley 22 miles west of Sitka in the Gulf of Alaska. I will print up a few pictures and have them in my trvel trailer to show to you when you stop by for a visit. I am speculateing that she was a Bulkley girl and hope to meet her there again in a few days or weeks.(no firm plan yet)!