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: 7136-4 brown and the Midspey 7/8

09-07-2002, 03:36 PM
What a nice matchup!

After casting the Grand Spey and XLT on 15 foot rods I tend to think any line could be a little longer - BUT casting the midspey 7/8 on the 71360-4 is such a pleasant experience it's easy to forgive a little stripping between casts.

With the whole head out, a left bank right hand single spey can be set into a d-loop with a lot more velocity with this springy rod, and the 65 foot head is easy to keep up until the top half of the dee swings 'round to firing position.

Loops that could fit thru a basketball hoop (without the net) can be created when there is enough load in the blank and the stroke is poked through that optimum alley with a crisp snap.

I picked up a sizable weed on the fly (yarn), enough so that it took a secondary energy wave to pull it out of the water at the end of the launch. If the cast was not adequate, the weed was big enough to encumber the release. If the cast was good, it would overcome and turn the leader and weed clump over.

I left the weed on there for a few dozen practice casts just to get the feel of the power points in what is most often viewed as a noodle of a rod, and this turned out to be of great value to the lessons of the day.

Being more aggressive on the sweep and kick gave me more to load the rod with and a better grip form, but it required better timing while waiting for the energy to come around to the desired firing position (not too little not too long). At one point it was as if the weed was non-existent and the loop was as small and energized as a good single-handed overhead cast. My past experiences with this same rod led me to believe it was too soft. I may have been underflexing the blank with the lines and strokes I was using.

This is probably old news to those out west, but for this east-coast Spey caster these little nuggests are reasons enough to go out "casting" when I could be "fishing".

On another note, I found that snake rolling was not as easy with this soft rod as with other rods. It was not as easy to get the final loop form the way I like it before firing the stroke. The cast was putting the line where it was supposed to, but instead of the totally energized loop of the single Spey I felt as if I had to push the line on the latter end of the stroke (12:30 to 2:30) instead of getting the load in the rod as it crossed midnight (as with the S/Spey).

This may be because I am not throwing the loop far enough to the side (this being a right angle square cut cast) or it may mean that I need to use a more distinct body swivel at the hips before firing. Dunno, something for the next time I go out casting!

Before I start sounding too much like I am fighting windmills, there is a method to my madness - I will be making a trip to steelhead country soon and unlike the last few years I want to show up having made some progress between visits as opposed to trying to do it while I am there! :p

09-08-2002, 08:41 AM
Took another hour between errands (honeydo weekend) to throw the line at a pond and decided I was going to work shooting beyond the head.

I found it difficult to shoot more than 10-15 feet beyond the head, so with 15ft leader, 65 foot head, and 10 foot shoot the maximum distance was 90 feet with a 7136-4 (shouldn't complain) but is this pretty much hitting the wall with shooting the 7/8 midspey on this rod?

Would the other mid-length heads shoot more (long delta, etc).

I am curious to try an extended belly line down in this size, although I have the feeling I would want a more powerful blank.

Opinions welcome...

09-08-2002, 10:51 AM
Hey Juro-
I have a 7/8 Long Delta that you are more then welcome to try out...if you would like me to send it your way, let me know.

Also, if you make your way out here this fall, you are more then welcome to fish it.

09-08-2002, 02:20 PM
Thanks to the kindness of one of my favorite local shops and Rajeff Sports, I picked up a Long Delta 6/7 the other day. Airflo currently does not market the Long Delta in the 6/7 but will starting soon. I got one hot off the "press". Not sure how it would load the 7136 Brown but it is a sweet match for the T & T 1307.