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: Request for Information: New Hampshire

09-05-2002, 12:12 PM
As a long-time saltwater guy, I'm embarassed to confess how long it's been since I wet a fly in freshwater.

I'm going to be at a reunion of old college pals in central New Hampshire the last weekend of September, based in Campton, but heading over to Wolfeboro on Saturday. Some of the guys from further away expressed an interest in fishing and foolishly nominated me as the guide/ghillie.

Without giving away any secret spots, what are some fishable White Mountain/cental NH rivers and spots on those rivers that time of year? Is there fishable water given how dry it's been? Any one or two go-to flies (or general fly categories) to reach for first?

When folks post similar questions about Nantucket, where I fish, I often reply offline. Don't hesitate; it's And thanks in advance.

Jay MacLaughlin

09-05-2002, 02:03 PM

I do most of my trout fishing here in MA but I know that Echo Lake and Profile Lake, both of which are near the Old Man and Cannon ski area are excellent fisheries. I beleive Echo may even be FFO. You would probably do best w/canoes or float tubes at either but one of my pals has done well from shore at various times of year.

My experience with stillwater fishing for trout is limited but I'd go with a long, fine leader. Grease it 1/2 way to the tippet and then rig a couple of tiny brassies or similar midge larvae imitation. Hand twist ever so slowly and watch for the floating greased section of leader to jump.

Or you can do like I do and trawl the bottom with a sinking line/bunny leech combo:devil:

If I were you I'd call a local flyshop and get the scoop and flies from someone who knows.

Best of luck,


09-05-2002, 02:54 PM
Man, it's been too long since I fished NH!

When I was HQ'ed at Winni on a vacation, we used to fish via several options:

1) Jump in a canoe and head out at dawn and dusk for some of the best smallmouth bass action anywhere

2) Invest in the drive over to the swift, sugar or really any other freestone stream in the remaining northeast segment of NH to fish for stream trout (Ammonusuc, Contoocook, Upper Pemigewassett, Saco, etc).

3) Stillwater trout as suggested above, although most are heavily stocked vs. native brookies

I know there are lots of NH guys on board, I will defer to them...

09-09-2002, 02:40 PM
Extremely valuable information. Pertinent, specific, generous, typical of this board. Thanks to all who replied, online and via PM. Gracias.

09-10-2002, 12:46 AM
Not sure if I am too late to help or not, but you are talking about my neck of the woods.

Right now ALL the rivers are just about bone dry and hotter than, well, you know where. Don't bother with the rivers, you will get very minimal luck for a few weeks at least.

I strongly suggest grabbing the "Atlas of NH Trout Ponds, 2nd Edition" It is a little paperback with good directions and depth charts to all the major trout hot-spots, as well as directions to the foot-path only places that can wield some beauties.

If you want to PM me about directions somewhere, i can fish them out of my copy for you, but you would be best served to get a copy yourself if you are going to be fishing NH more than once a year.

Good luck!