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: The good news: Southern Oregon fires.

09-03-2002, 11:19 PM
Latest 'blurb' in the local "daily Blat" is the 500,000 acre "biscuit fire" actually left about 200,00 acres relatively untouched. Singed, but not creamed out. 500,000 acres covered by the fires, but 200,000 of that have minimal damage. But wild beaties have become a problem. Lack of local munchies, but lots of garbage/camp grounds for the fire fighters. FREE FOOD .....!!

Smoke level in Medford is well down from even from a few days ago. When I left for Europe in early August, by mid afternoon, 'downtown' visability was down to as low a three city blocks. Now a bit of afternoon haze, but (when the sun cap goes off) clear, stary, cool, bright nights. (Sweet!)

Ah ... they way it should be ... even if it's going to be November's rains that finally get a 'final' grip on the ongoing fires and put the last of buggers out.

Lots less rain here than most would suspect: Medford (if we actually got the average!) only gets about 19"per year. Most in November through Feb.

Pray for the rain we're not going to get.