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: Broken In

09-03-2002, 09:11 AM
Took the new vessel on Staurday on my home waters of the Hudson to break her in and she performed like a dream. Very Very dry! What a relief. She has a little hull slap and pounds just a little but all in all it was a great day cruising her up the river. Monday morning however was not so nice. We went out of Norwalk to try for some bluefish but after 3-5 footers in the harbor and when we finaly made it out into the sound we were greeted by 4-6 footers and the occasional larger rollers, we decided that we should turn around and head back before we got ourselves into a predicament. Despite the crap weather the boat handled the weather fine. I found that the boat was more comfortable in the slop than I was ( a good thing I guess ). No need to ruin a holliday weekend with an injury or a damaged boat. I will be back to fight another day when the weather and tides are in my favor.

09-03-2002, 11:17 AM
That is always the case when fishing from a boat in sloppy weather, the boat usually never complains but the occupants don't handle it nearly as well. I know this first hand as before I got my 20 ft. CC I fished out of a 16 ft. Tin boat that always handled the seas fine but I always got beat up pretty good. The new boat definitely makes things alot more comfortable but even on days like Saturday you get beat up pretty good in a bigger boat. You would have needed a 30 + ft. boat this weekend and even then it would have been advisable to stay home. Don't fret better days are coming and you will really get to love that new boat of your's guaranteed. Maybe we can hookup for a double trailer expedition to the eastern sections of the sound to search for the elusive hardtail's. Let me know if you are interested I can show you around the areas that have been real good in the past and are starting to heat up now.

Mike M.

09-03-2002, 02:09 PM
Sounds like a great idea! I was talking with my partner ( he owns half the boat but I use it 90% of the time ) and we may sneak a day off of work to go. Unfortunately the GPS and Sonar will not be here until next week or so ( back ordered ). Figures. We have a handheld one to use in the meantime but no sonar. Give me a hollar and let me know when you plan on taking your next run. I was thinking a weekday to avoid the weekend warriors and morons that love plowing through the schools at 60mph thinking that will get them to hook up. If not I will wear my Armored Suit and hope that most people stay home that weekend.

09-03-2002, 02:51 PM

Congrat's - I saw an 18 - 20' MS out there this weekend and they were floating over the 4-5' waves like a cork, looked to be keepin' pretty dry.

Have fun!