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: Nantucket Sound HardTail Report 9/1

09-01-2002, 07:34 PM

Quest...You wanna catch a HardTail?!
Solution...Give Capt Art Sawayer a call and he will make it so!

0515...Met up with Capt Art and the Roopmeister at the Mashpee death rotary and had the boat in the water in no time.
...As we passed the Waquoit Bay breakwater we were greeted with glassy smooth calm perfect conditions with fish/birds all over.
Reality...4 to 5+ footers one after another...wind honkin' out of the east (building) and fish not cooperating. Yikes!
The frequency of the large waves made scouting a challenge and we took a few over the pointy end of das boot...'started to look like the old "Victory At Sea" series but without the inspiring music.

Shortly after sunrise the hungry hardtail speedsters showed up but were scattered over a large undefined and rather random area...birdz workin, Capt Art's nose in the air sniffin out potential opportunities and skillfully positioning das boot to intercept our False Albie friendz.

We all managed to hook up (partly, in fact, to my encounter with coriolis/inner ear disruption, which induced some well timed and thoughtful much for the egg sandwich and coffee).

Having successfully chased the skunk outa' FinFun, Capt Art decided that it was probably time to pull the plug and return to the shelter of the protected harbour. Not a bad idea...

NorthEast weather can be a major marine challenge and it was! Capt Art is an absolute pleasure to fish with and today was no exception!...He made a GOOD DAY out of a difficult situation and his local knowledge makes him a great choice if you wanna' hook up!

After 4 hours of exposure to the elements, the Roopster and I looked like shipwreck survivors (Wilson!)...
A swell day to test out high tech GoreTex rain gear! (I give my Simms wading jacket and light weight Simms pants high marks!)...waves and spray in the face for hours and fish smell on our handz... Thanks Capt Art and Jeff......LIFE IS GOOD!

Now...What's for dinner!?

09-01-2002, 07:49 PM
Great report Pete and if you had stuck with sand eels for the morning feed you probably would not have barfed...stick to fish food and forget the human stuff. Glad you guys hooked up...does Art do Tuna runs?... I will call you this week...If I am down next weekend it will be on Sunday...