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: Chatham-8/31-9/1

09-01-2002, 03:14 PM
Could not fish from a boat on Saturday because of the North East wind was really honking so Brendan made the wise decision not to go out...He stopped over CAC with his brother-in-law.... I simple went to Hardings Beach and walked down to Stag harbor entrance which was pretty calm compared with SB... Decided to check the Light House at 6 pm and if the wind let down I was going to go dice... Spoke with Penguin who was planning on looking for hardtails today with Roop and Art Sawyer... This Morning I over slept but went to the light house at 6 am, met up with some of my local friends and John (Jbasser)... Saw one bait guy haul out a nice striper...keeper.... from out in front as I sipped my coffee. Then headed out to the ocean side of south passing a bunch of spinners who had not hooked up all morning... wind straight East even thought the news said it would be South west... blowing but not like yesterday..... as soon as I turned the corner of the second point birds were diving everywhere and Blues were blitzing in epoch years ago... right in the breakers.... all down south beach as far as I could see..positioned myself and had fish from 7 to 9 non-stop..Landed maybe 20 Blues.... all between 20 and 30 inches and kept one about 28 for the grill...lost a lot as well... My first hit was on mono since I was set up for stripers..and promptly lost that one...switched to the way... went to Orvis to get wire since I had forgotten it yesterday and they were out of American wire...but had some stuff just like it only MONO Color.... silver... I will get the name a post... anyway... The pods just kept comming down the beach... a lull of a minute then back..up and down ,up and down , for two hours. Caught them on Poplovic surf candies and Peanut bunker were all over the beach... Great morning. When It qieted down mid way to out going I casted for a while for stripers but had to go home..left at nine... seals showed up... If I could have stayed I would hve... the nice thing is that the mung is gone.

09-01-2002, 05:37 PM
Bayside was dead Sat and Sun am. Maybe it's time to try South Beach. Are you gonna be down there tommorow John?

09-01-2002, 07:44 PM
Fred, I can not make it tomorrow..but you should try early during the incomming then stick around for Bass... I have a feeling this will produce with the mung gone and the water getting colder... remember your mico cast... I spent this morning worring about my fly line and getting it cut off... I think I caught so many because I got them in quick.... By the I don't put this on a full post... I spoke with Keith yesterday and any talk about the shuttle service should be done by e-mail or PM.

09-02-2002, 09:23 AM
8/31/02 Learned a valuable lession , don't go by the local weather forcast check out the marine. The boats were canceled because of the weather but while I was talking to a birder on the causeway CSJ60 pulls up. Not knowing who he was at first we decided to fish together. Durning our conversation I asked him if he ever goes on the internet. "Yhea I am on the Flyfishing Forum and I am new at this." That's all I needed to hear. We decided to fish below the stairs at Morris Island and worked our way on the beach towards Stage Harbor. The old FishHawk put the newbie on some fishy looking water and guess what? Craig hooks up!! His first striper on a fly rod! Made the trip worth while. The FishHawk got nada.:smokin:

09-02-2002, 10:16 AM
After I left you I went down to Hardings...same 2 hour blitz... no wire..came with wire Monday am...Mr. Blue was gone...lots of bait

09-03-2002, 09:11 AM
Hey FishHawk thanks for helping the new guy with a flyrod.:D