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: Puck hooks up

Dble Haul
08-29-2002, 08:05 PM
I went back to my sight fishing stretch of a local river that was rewarding for me a week ago. This time I brought Puck along to see if we could get him into his first brown trout on a fly. The weather was very unstable, changing from heavy mist to outright downpours without a moments notice. The water was more turbid than last week, limiting sight fishing.

I started by catching a few random sunfish and a smallmouth on nymphs, and Puck hooked and lost a good fish on a nymph of his own. When the rain really came down I switched to a dry, looking for an opportunistic feeder. This seemed to be the answer for the trout. We both hooked up on browns, and Puck also nabbed a smallmouth that jumped at least three times. Not easy conditions, but definitely worth getting out in the foul weather for.

It really made my evening to see my friend get his first brown on a fly. Makes me wish that I had brought a camera.

Next time. ;)

08-30-2002, 01:58 PM
I posted earlier that I took my girlfriend to the flyshop with me, just to make it an outing. She suggested that I get a dry fly because it was "cute." Come to find out it was the pale yellow comparadunn that I used to catch the aformentioned brown trout.

The smallmouth was caught on a fly my son gave me for fathers day. So should I limit the flies I use to those choosen by loved ones? Is there some vib that goes into the dubbing that lures the fish?;) Should I always bring my girlfriend to the flyshop?